Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Organising My Life With Mrs Hinch!

I have been a fan of Mrs Hinch for a long time. I'd like to say before she became famous, but that would be a lie. It was actually only after hearing her name mentioned multiple times in the blogosphere and then seeing her on This Morning that I started to pay attention to her. And doing so has changed my life. 

I, of course, have bought all her books. From her very first one, Hinch Yourself Happy, to her latest, The Little Book of Lists. And I'm really not exaggerating when I say, they are a game changer.

Let me tell you why. In her first book, Hinch Yourself Happy, she shares a whole host of tips/tricks/advice on keeping a clean home. It's chock-full of inspiration for the clean-queen. And it's accessible to all. Mrs Hinch is the first to admit it's not possible to keep a house spotless all the time, but her cleaning ideas are easy to do for the housewife or the busy mum of three!

Then there's The Activity Journal, which is the perfect relaxation tool-kit. With colouring in pages, puzzles, even dot-to-dot. I was most excited for the Hinch Lists, though, as after seeing hers I was keen to make my own. And following her template makes it much easier. 

I've always been an organised person. Hyper-organised, even. And when I started following Mrs Hinch, I purchased a to-do list like the one she used back then and started planning out all my to-do's for the week ahead every Sunday. It made me feel in control, on top of things. 

And then Mrs Hinch started doing her Hinch Lists; a Weekly Hinch List, TaDaa Lists (a list of things you've achieved that day/week) and Fresh'N Up Friday Lists. And I fell in love with this new organisational method.

I've been using Mrs Hinch's Little Book of Lists for just over two months now and it has revolutionised my life, my home and my cleaning routines. Having a section for each room of the house, and then some, is really handy and helps me, at just a glance, see what needs to be tackled and when. 

Each section of the book came with an example of how to use each list from Mrs Hinch herself, which I found extraordinarily helpful. And from watching how she uses the book on Instagram, I've even started highlighting and colour-coding mine.

I'll always be a Hincher. And I'll definitely be repurchasing Mrs Hinch's Little Book of Lists when I come to the end of this one. Filling it in, ticking things off, has fast become one of my favourite things to do each week. Thanks Mrs Hinch for changing my life!

Are you a Hincher?

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