Monday, 1 June 2020

Life Lately: May Edition!

Hello, June! I'm oddly excited to see you. After all, with you comes the realisation that we're halfway through 2020 already. However, you also mark eleven weeks in lockdown and remind us of the continued threat and impact of Covid-19. It's fair to say this year has not gone quite to plan. Or at all to plan, if I'm being honest. But that's the same for all of us, right? After all, no one could have predicted this shit storm. Anyway, despite spending the past month in lockdown there have definitely been some highlights. And that's what I'm here to share with you today! So here's a little look at what I got up to in May. 

Doing...a lot of online shopping. From groceries, to books, to fish. It really is astonishing what you can buy online, actually. I've had deliveries of retro sweets, chocolate, homemade brownies and even seeds. I enjoyed two days off work in May, too, thanks to bank holidays. I may not have been able to go anywhere or do much, but it was nice to switch off from work. I've spent a lot of time getting to know our neighbours, as we spend most evenings sat out the front with a cool beverage and, sometimes, fish and chips! This past month I managed to get a hold of some flowers and spruced up our front garden. It now looks much more colourful and cheerful. And as I spend a lot of time out the front, it made sense to brighten it up a bit and get it looking it's best. 
Buying...I've already touched on this a little above but I'll expand. In May, I discovered a local bakery are still baking, and delivering, homemade brownies during lockdown. And I've been ordering their eight piece Super Selection Box most every week. Delicious brownies, delivered to your door. What could be better? I also purchased some new fish and a couple of shrimp for my tank, as I've had a few die during lockdown. Plus more books, groceries and all the other usual stuff I buy every month!
Reading...all the magazines. Guys, I'm so close to having zero magazines left in my TBR pile. I'm really pleased that lockdown has seen me finally tackle the overwhelming stack of magazines I'd acquired over only a few short months. I am now looking forward to getting started on some books very soon!
Watching...too many true crime documentaries. But Sky are killing it with their true crime docs at the moment. I'm super excited to watch McMillions in June - the documentary about the scamming/fixing of McDonald's Monopoly. Also, The Simpsons. I caved and bought Disney+, mostly so I could rewatch The Simpsons from the beginning. 
Eating...a lot of chocolate. From brownies to Turkish Delight (my new favourite treat with a cup of tea in the afternoon). And yet, surprisingly, I haven't put on any weight during lockdown. In fact, I've lost some!
Spending...time thinking about the future. When will things return to normal? Will things ever return to normal, or has society and the world changed irrevocably? When will I be able to see my family again? When will I be able to hug them? These questions keep me awake at night, as I'm sure they do for many others. These are scary, uncertain times we're living through.
Looking forward to...the arrival of my new fish on Wednesday. And the release of The Sims 4 Eco Living on Thursday. I've already pre-ordered it, of course.

Still finding time for lots of Lush baths (taken slightly cooler during this hot weather!)

My WFH colleague sleeps a lot. Who do I make a complaint to about this?

Can't stay mad at that face, though.

A little look at some of the flowers brightening up our front garden now!

How was May for you? 

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