Friday, 19 June 2020

Haul Post

It's Friday, and you know what that means. Haul post time! Pretty sure every time I think I'm getting to the end of my Haul Post photos folder, I buy more and a whole new bunch of haul photos appears. Oh well! Here's what I've been buying lately.

This little cutie is Aurora, the Caticorn, and another new release from My Blue Nose Friends. She sits proudly on my bookshelf in the living room next to Legend, the Unicorn. Isn't she gorgeous?!

Next up we have some mouth-watering, drool-worthy sweet treats from a local bakery. Over lockdown, they started selling selection boxes on their website. A different box of brownies and/or cookies every week. You had to be quick though, as boxes were limited and demand was high. But a few months ago I was lucky enough to place an order for their Easter Selection Box and it was TO. DIE. FOR. Creme Egg, Mini Egg, Malteaster Bunnies, Oreos. Two of each. And all for just £16. Bargain!

Why is it so damn hard to take a decent picture of a Pandora charm? They look grand zoomed out, then go all fuzzy and blurry as soon as I zoom in. Anyway, Pandora recently had an offer on whereby if you spent a certain amount you got a free charm of your choice. I'd had my eye on this Marie Charm for a little while so decided to go ahead and treat myself. And I got the new Kitty-Cat Dangle Charm for free!

A new washing basket is cause for great excitement in our house, I'll have you know. I'd been after a washing basket for the kitchen for ages and saw this one when I was making a Wilko's order. It was only a tenner too! 

It wouldn't be a haul post by Aimee without some magazines now, would it? Like I've mentioned before, I've cut down the amount of magazines I buy a month to just three. And those three are Your Cat, Real Crime and Crime Monthly. Reflecting my three main interests; cats, true crime and reading. 

Who's got new shoes and no place to where them? This girl! Treated myself to a half-decent (and by that I mean not Primark) pair of shoes at the start of lockdown. These beauties are from Joe Browns and weren't cheap, but they weren't too expensive either. They're v comfortable to wear and look so cute. I couldn't resist!

Bought Harley a new litter tray a few weeks ago. It's much bigger than his old one, deeper too. And has an easy opening for daily scooping. Only cat mums will understand. Here he is proudly showing off his new tray before I'd even had chance to put any litter in it. Also picked up on Amazon a Catit Fountain Cleaning Set. Harley has a Catiti Water Fountain, which he loves, but cleaning is as big a ball ache as cleaning out the fish tank. So this set should help make the job a little easier.

And finally, a new kettle. Cause for even more excitement than the new washing basket. Our old one was starting to fall apart - the seal around the lid had gone and so scalding hot steam would pour out straight onto your hand. Not ideal! I spent weeks looking for the perfect kettle, and couldn't find anything I liked, or that had decent reviews, or that wasn't going to take three years to be delivered. My husband found this one online actually, and it's perfect. It's so fancy, it let's you boil the water at different temperatures and even has a keep warm function. Plus, pretty!

What have you been buying lately? Have you been buying online more lately than usual? Just me? Hope not!

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