Friday, 12 June 2020

Haul Post!

It's Friday and you know what means! Well, last week was a break from tradition as I posted my usual Friday Haul Post on Sunday. But we're back to normal this week. And as you may have noticed, this week has been haul post heavy. But they're all very different hauls, with two written mostly by my cat (his tiny paws are surprisingly good at typing!) So I hope you're enjoying them. And now, here's a look at what I've been buying lately. 

Of course, we're kicking off this haul post with a magazine haul. I don't buy most of these monthly anymore. However I was keen to read the Sleep Special in In The Moment. And anything about reading draws me in, hence Planet Mindful. I also only buy Cosmopolitan for the articles, because I am not interested in fashion or beauty at all. Most of these magazines I picked up on my last high street shopping trip pre-lockdown. I really miss my high street shopping sprees.

Next up is a little Primark haul. Literally only went in for leggings (as my cat has destroyed all of mine with his claws!) But you know what it's like, you go in for just one thing and come out with a big bag full. Yes, I bought a unicorn toothbrush. No, I have no regrets. And the top photo isn't the best, I'm rubbish at photographing clothes and you don't need to see me modelling them, but is a very loose, floaty dress. Perfect for those hot summer days we're sure to have (hopefully)!

I bought this on Amazon, to keep track of my online club's event attendance and such. I always used to love playing teachers with my cousin, and using this register took me back to those good old days. I no longer own the club, so don't use it anymore, but it certainly came in handy!

And my biggest purchase this year. A brand new Apple Watch Series 5. I had a Samsung Galaxy Watch, but when I switched to an iPhone 11 from a Huawei I lost a lot of features. I couldn't make or receive calls on the watch, or reply to messages. So I bit the bullet and made the move to an Apple Watch. And it was the best decision I ever made. This is the one I went for, though not my own photo obviously. 

Isn't it beautiful? It's almost rose gold, and it has so many amazing features. I can control my music from my watch, take phone calls, check my heart rate, reply to messages and so much more. It was an investment, but I don't regret it. 

What have you bought lately?

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