Sunday, 14 June 2020

Harley's Haul

"Hi guys, Harley here. I've rested my paws after writing my review of the Gus & Bella subscription box on Monday and am back to share a cat toy haul with you all!" 

"As you can see, I realised straight away that this package was meant for me. The smells coming from the box were so enticing. And I just couldn't wait for mom to open it up and let me at it!" 

"So many toys! I was a little overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. But I certainly took a shine to Purry Pawter. In fact, mom snapped this picture of me when I wasn't looking that shows just how much I love my new toys."

Harley's cat mom here. I thought I'd jump in to tell you a little about these cat toys. They came from Freak Meowt - a Welsh company creating luxury catnip cat toys. They use the finest materials and premium Canadian Catnip to create the very best toys for cats. And they have a whole lot to choose from on their website! All proceeds raised from the sale of the Catnip Rainbow For The NHS (which is, at the time of writing, out of stock unfortunately) go to NHS Wales (minus the postage costs.) Lovely to see small businesses as well as large ones supporting the NHS.

"Me again. Mom wanted to buy a face mask from Freak Meowt. She looks pretty silly in it, but seems to like wearing it. She's always got it on whenever she leaves the house. At least it has cats on it, I suppose. Anyway, she bought me a few more toys when she bought her face mask. And I really fell for the Kitty Doughnut. It's great fun to fling around!"

Harley's mom again. These are the cute little extras that came in the package of cat toys - a lovely thank you card, an information booklet all about catnip and why some cats go mad for it and others don't respond to it at all, and a kitty card (which is now proudly displayed on my bookcase.) It's always nice when a small business go the extra mile, I think. 

"Another package just for me! I inspect every package that enters the house, just in case it's for me. It's usually not, but the last few days have been more exciting than usual. Mom really liked this package, as it included a little tag addressed to me. That's sweet, but I was only interested in what was inside the package to be honest!"

"This was interesting. A pouch filled with catnip! It's not my favourite toy though, if I'm honest. The toys from Freak Meowt are much more pungent and fun to play with. Mom was disappointed I didn't like this toy, but I'm very fussy you know."

The catnip pouch was from Honeysuckle Cat Toys, a small business dedicated to providing our kitty-kats with natural enrichment to excite their senses. Unfortunately it didn't really do anything for Harley, but I loved that it was addressed to him in such a personalised manner and the design. 

"That's all from me today, folks. I'll be back in a few weeks with a review of the latest Gus & Bella box. But until then, enjoy mom's posts! And if you have a cat of your own at home, I'd definitely recommend Freak Meowt. I'm fairly confident all cats will love their toys - I sure do!"

Where do you buy your cat toys? 

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