Monday, 8 June 2020

Harley Reviews: Gus & Bella Pawsitivity Box!

Something a little different on the old blog today. Harley's going to be taking over and tapping away with his little paws to tell all you cat-lovers about the Gus & Bella subscription box! Take it away, Harley. 

"My cat mom gets a lot of post and most of the time it's pretty boring. But sometimes it's for me. And then it's exciting! I knew as soon as mom bought this box in it was for me and I was eager to get it open and start exploring."

"As you can see, I didn't want to wait for mom to get everything out the box. I was straight in there. I could smell so many good things straight away and I wanted to try it all. But mom made me wait so she could get some pictures. She's a pain! Do you know how many times a day she makes me pose for pictures? Too many!"

"I was disappointed that not everything in the box was for me. Mom says the Gus & Bella box is for cats AND their humans. Of course, I was not in the least bit interested in what was meant for mom, although I gave it all a cursory sniff just to make sure it really wasn't for me. But it wasn't. Anyway, I'll let her talk about those bits. I'm just here to talk about the important stuff, the stuff that came for me." 

"Toys! I'm a very playful cat, when I'm in the right mood that is. And catnip really gets me going. Mom has bought me some of these Yeowww Catnip toys before and I always go mad for them. This new one smelt amazing and I grabbed it and bit straight into it, before throwing it up in the air and having a gay old time with it. Mom and me sometimes play with catnip bubbles before bed. I really don't understand bubbles though - mom blows on this wand thing, bubbles float in the air and I try to catch them. But they always disappear when I touch them. Where do they go?!"

"These smelt so good. I was desperate to try them straight away, but mom said I had to wait till dinner time. She's such a mean mom. Can someone call the animal abuse line, please? I'm pretty sure she's starving me. Two pouches of wet food and a bowl of kibble a day is more than enough for one cat, apparently. I beg to differ." 

"Mom did let me try some of the Scrumbles Nibbles straight away! They were delicious. Very meaty. I could have eaten the whole packet in one go, but mom said that I could only have a few everyday. They're meant to be good for getting rid of hairballs, too, which I do suffer from as when I'm not asleep, eating or playing I'm grooming. 
And then I found the Webbox Natural Dry Food in my bowl come dinnertime, which I was very pleased about. I knocked it back." 

"I'm going to hand this blog post back to mom now. My paws are getting tired. And I'm pretty sure there's some food in the kitchen with my name on it (there better be!) Thanks for reading my review. Apparently I'll be back later this week with a haul post of my very own. How exciting! See you soon."

Thanks, Harley. I'll make sure there's some food for you in your bowl in return for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed your treats from the Gus & Bella box. I certainly enjoyed mine, and now I'll share with our readers what those human treats were!

First up, this adorable postcard which is displayed proudly on my bookshelf to remind me to be the person Harley thinks I am. Which, realistically, is a food dispenser, cuddle monster, and scooper of poo. I'm cool with that, though. And then I came across this Keep Calm And Colour Cats book. This'll be a great way to relax and unwind of an evening when I'm trying to avoid the screen.

I've heard so many good things about Dr PawPaw but I've never tried any of the products before! This Multipurpose Soothing Balm sounds like the perfect introduction to the brand, to be honest. It can be used on lips, skin, hair and cuticles. Or you can use it as a beauty finisher. So versatile!

And finally, a Simon's Cat Water Bottle! I love the design, especially the slogan; "I'm Feline Good." And I only drink cold drinks out of water bottles (I have a thing about dust), so this will come in very handy. I have quite a large collection of bottles already, but one more can't hurt right?!

Overall, I was really impressed with my first Gus & Bella box. I didn't get sent it free to review, by the way. I purchased it myself, and have since purchased a recurring monthly subscription. (I will always make it very clear when something has been sent to me in exchange for a review so as not to mislead my readers.)

The next box should be here this week and both Harley and myself are looking forward to finding out what treats lie in wait for us this time. Harley will be back in a few weeks with a review of the new box, and he's got his own haul post coming up later this week. So keep an eye out for them if you enjoyed hearing from him! And if you're a cat lover/owner, I'd highly recommend the Gus & Bella box. A monthly treat for both cat and human delivered straight to your door. What could be better? 

What do you think of the Gus & Bella subscription box? 

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