Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Dorkface Haul

I'd like to think you all know how much I adore Dorkface's stationery by now. After all, I've written many a post sharing my hauls from her over the last year or two. And today I'm pleased to share with you my latest Dorkface haul. 


Jemma (AKA Dorkface) recently relaunched her shop with a whole load of new stickers, prints, postcards, pins, cards and more. But what I'd been waiting on with bated breath was her brand new Inkredible Colouring Book.

I'd followed Jemma's journey in creating her first colouring book from the start and was so excited as I saw sneak peeks of it coming together. I knew it was going to be amazing. And when she announced that she'd be launching it on her shop alongside a whole lot of brand new stuff I impatiently waited for the day her shop reopened. 

The day Jemma reopened her shop was one of the best days of 2020 for me. I was overwhelmed by all the beautiful new pins, stickers, notebooks and, of course, the brand new colouring book. I was adding to basket like mad, and soon had quite the stationery haul! Which I then just had to wait to arrive. I wasn't at all patient, I won't lie, but it was all delivered very quickly and I'm so grateful to Jemma for being able to keep her customers supplied with stationery goodness during this pandemic. 

*Spoiler Alert* 

The following photos are of all the colouring pages from Dorkface's Inkredible Colouring Book. If you've ordered one, or plan to, and don't want to see what's inside till your copy arrives scroll down quickly or exit this post now!



Isn't it beautiful? Well worth the wait, and I'm so proud of Jemma's first ever colouring book. I really hope she'll do more. I, of course, went straight on Amazon and ordered some brand new colouring pens and am now ready to colour in all these beautiful illustrations. 

These few bits were purchased just before the relaunch, I think. I loved the first lot of stickers reflecting the current Coronavirus pandemic and, I believe, all money raised from the sale of those stickers went to the NHS, or a similar charity. I also bought these postcards to place strategically around the house. They give me an instant mood boost every time I spot one!

Dorkface deliveries are instantly recognisable. But I loved the sticker she included on the front of the envelope this time - thanking the postie for his service. What a lovely idea! 

I'm currently waiting on a pin I pre-ordered from Jemma, which I'll likely share in my next Dorkface haul as I've no doubt she'll be releasing new items I'll want very soon *winks*. 

Are you a Dorkface fan? Did you know she designed my logo?

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