Sunday, 31 May 2020

May Favourites!

How are we halfway through the year already? Despite having spent nearly one-third of it in lockdown, it seems to have just sped by. I'm excited to share with you my favourites from this past month. Despite life being pretty mundane, I'm still able to find things that I'm grateful for, things that have made me smile each day. And that's pretty amazing, I think. So without further ado, here are a few of my favourite things from May. 

It might be hotter than the sun outside these days, but that won't stop me from taking a Lush bath. It is the highlight of my week most weeks!

My neighbour bought me some plants to fill my empty hanging basket with and they're starting to bloom now, in shades of pink and purple, which is just lovely!

Earlier this month, I decided to fully revamp the fish tank with a few new plants and ornament. I'm pleased with how it looks now and although it was an arduous task definitely one of the best jobs I've done this month!

And then we decided to brighten up our front garden, where we spend a lot of time, with some flowers. I went for some gerberas and some pansies (see photos of the pansies in my upcoming Life Lately blog post). It's really made a difference to the front and I love it so much.

Two of my favourite TV shows are back on Sky Witness this month and I'm so happy! Literally squealed out loud when I saw the adverts regarding their return.

Love this picture of my cat in a box. What is it with cats and boxes?! This box was only just big enough for him to sit up in, but he had to get in it anyway!

Tell me one of your favourite things from this past month? 

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