Friday, 8 May 2020

Haul Post!

Happy Friday, boys and girls. Wait, do any boys actually read my blog? If you're a boy and you read my blog, welcome. Give me a shout in the comments section! I'd love to know more about the demographics of my readership. Anyway, Friday brings with it a brand new haul post. So here's a little look at what I've been buying lately. Enjoy!

Spotted this cutie in the January sales and couldn't resist. I've popped him up in the attic with the rest of the Christmas decs ready to find him a home somewhere in the house come Christmas 2020. Since following Mrs Hinch, I've become obsessed with to-do lists. I found this one, and her iconic diamond pen, in Home Bargains. 

I don't think anyone is likely to forget the cat lives here in our house. The living room and kitchen are scattered with cat toys/tunnels/houses. And elastic/hair bands are all over the rest of the house. But I really liked this little plaque I found in the Card Factory. My friend pointed out this calendar to me when we were browsing in The Works and it's perfect to hang by my fridge so I can check use-by dates and such. 

And a little stationery haul, from John Lewis I believe. A new one opened up nearby last year and I've been popping in there whenever I'm in the area as I love the store and I love their stationery selection. From to Pusheen to Kate Spade. They have it all.

Just a few magazines, not too many this time. Crime Monthly is one of my favourite mags as it includes a Crime Screen section with a guide to the latest crime TV shows, films, books and podcasts. I'm forever finding new stuff to watch or read thanks to Crime Monthly!

A very Harry Potter themed haul indeed! I believe, thinking back, that I found these in the January sales in Sainsbury's, of all places! I adored this Illumination Cup but sadly it broke after only a few washes. The Enamel Pin is proudly displayed next to my other Harry Potter pins on the lapel of my Winter coat. 

Earlier this year, I had to make a very long drive for a therapy course I'd been enrolled on. I knew I'd need coffee for the journey, and I decided I deserved a new travel mug. So when I spotted this Friends one in Men Kind, along with the Friends Enamel Pin Badge, I grabbed it! Friends, Harry Potter, cats and books are kinda my thing. 

 And last but not least, a Matilda themed haul! I was shopping The Book People's website when I came across a plethora of Matilda themed stationery and couldn't resist. In case you didn't know, Matilda is my favourite childhood book and film. I bought the weekly planner (above) for my best friend as she always has so much going on with her two children. The rest, though, is for me! 

What have you been buying lately? 

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