Friday, 1 May 2020

Haul Post!

Happy Friday, readers! I always look forward to a Friday, even one spent in lockdown. On the weekend, I wear a dress. And on Saturday morning, we have a home-cooked brunch which is always nice. Just little ways to differentiate the weekend from the weekday, when every day feels exactly like the day before. And one way I know it's Friday? Because it's Haul Post day! Here's a little look at what I've been buying lately.

Let's just get the magazine haul out of the way first, shall we? Because we all know it wouldn't be a Haul Post on my blog without at least a few magazines featuring. I am loving the Official Your Cat Collector's Pin Badges that come with each issue of the magazine now. My coat lapel is now adorned with cat badges and I'm not mad.

A new bridge for the fishies. I've been slowly picking up new ornaments/plants to decorate their tank with and keep things fresh for them whenever I'm out. Also spotted some discounted Halloween decorations in Aldi that I couldn't help but pick up and put by for next Halloween! 

Just a little Primark haul. I was in desperate need of some boots, and Primark are my go-to for shoes. These were so cheap too, at just £12 (I think). 

And finally, a somewhat festive homeware haul. I'm really missing my homeware hauls, however being in lockdown has helped me realise I have a lot of cleaning supplies and don't really need anymore! As you can probably tell, I'm a sucker for festive fragrances. The Zoflora Winter Morning is my favourite. I'll definitely be stocking up again come Winter. Oh, and unicorn plasters cos I know how to live my best adult life! 

What is your favourite festive fragrance? 

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