Monday, 27 April 2020

Life Lately: April Edition

Life lately looks a bit different to how it used to look, doesn't it? Five weeks into lockdown here in the UK and we're all slowly but surely adjusting to this new version of normal. Sure, things still seem odd and scary. But we adapt and carry on. April, and March, may not have been the most interesting months for any of us as we spent most of our time at home and indoors. But I've still got things to share from the past month, so enjoy this little look back at my life in April.

Doing...all the reading. Lockdown has certainly given me the the time I so desperately needed to read, and I am working through my magazine pile at a great rate of knots! The only time we've actually left the house over the past month is to pick up groceries - once at Tesco and once at Sainsbury's. Gripping stuff, right? Oh, and I co-hosted a radio show. No big deal *winks*. I'll be talking more about that in a separate post next week, so keep an eye out for that! 
Buying...lots of food. Anyone else find they can't stop eating during lockdown? We're buying more groceries than before the country locked down, although part of that is because we're eating at home a lot more. We've cut down to one takeaway a week, which is a huge improvement from three/four a week! Also bought my cat a new litter tray, I'm sure he doesn't care but I do as it has a built in filter to help with the ammonia smell!
Reading...true crime magazines. I've finally finished all of them (except for the one that arrived over the weekend, oops?) I've also finally finished all the Cosmopolitan magazines I had stacked up waiting to be read. And I'm now onto my Your Cat magazine pile. Hopefully by the time lockdown is over, or before, I'll have zero magazines left in my TBR stack!
Watching...all the good shows. Is it just me or has there been an influx of good stuff back on our boxes over the last few weeks? Britain's Got Talent, Manifest Season 2, Lincoln Rhyme, Quiz, Station 19 and more. I'm wondering if all these shows are back on our screens because the TV Execs have realised they have a captive audience right now. I'm not complaining though! 
Eating...all the crisps and chocolates. I'm currently craving Fry's Turkish Delight and Dorito's Tangy Cheese. And cheese. I'm obsessed with pasta covered in melted cheese.
Spending...too much money on the cat. Bought him a v expensive new cat litter tray with a built-in filter to keep those nasty ammonia smells at bay. Treated him to a new catnip toy, too. I do spoil him.
Looking forward to...our next grocery shop, which will hopefully deliver all the goods (you know, chocolate and crisps!) 

Cake from our neighbours to satisfy my craving when we had none in the house!

The shrimps came out to say hello! Meet Theresa May (left) and Jeremy Corbyn (right).

Coloured in a few pictures to pop in our front room window to spread some cheer.

Cute kitty. I just adore him <3

My favourite Easter Egg! Galaxy is definitely my favourite chocolate.

How was your month in lockdown? 

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  1. Lovely post, Aimee! I enjoy hearing about what magazines you read, you seem to find the most unique and interesting ones. Maybe you could do a post of your top six magazines or something? Just a thought. Very creative pet names, too! My Dad and I have been planting vegetable seeds, and looking forward to seeing them grow. :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog