Friday, 24 April 2020

Haul Post

It's Friday and you know what that means. Yep. It's time for another haul post! Do you know, I reckon by the time this lockdown is lifted I'll have an empty Haul Post photos folder. Fancy that. All I needed to work through all those photos was an endless lockdown with all non-essential shops closed. Who knew?! 

Spotted this on Amazon and couldn't resist. It's the perfect addition to my Harry Potter shelf and it's gorgeous when illuminated. The Hogwarts Castle also came with a Sticker Book that I'll never use but love looking through.

A haul post from me wouldn't be a haul post from me without a few magazines, right? You can see how far back these photos date, as the In The Moment magazine includes a Calm Christmas Magazine! 

I am a candle convert! For the longest time, I didn't dare burn candles as I had a very active and into everything kitten. I was worried he'd burn his little nose, set fire to his coat, or knock it over and burn the whole house down. But as he got older, I started burning them and now I light one as soon as I get up and only blow it out before bed. It's safe up high on the mantelpiece, where the cat never goes. And I love a fragrant smelling house, and the cosiness of the candle as it gets dark. I like to keep a few seasonal candles in supply, for Halloween and Christmas, too!

And now for some odds and sods. This bath bomb, from ASOS I think, promises to help relieve headaches. I'll be interested to see if it works! Caught this Harry Potter Clip Light in the January sales after having my eye on it since Christmas! I also picked up this Nail Kit and stationery set at the same time. The stationery set is four stacked drawers, and contains paperclips, elastic bands and pins. V handy!

Then I grabbed a 2020 Desk Planner from Busy B (bought on Amazon), which sits on a shelf on my bookcase and makes it easy for me to see the date at a glance. I had one last year and wouldn't be without it. I am loving these Magic Painting Books. I got addicted to them when I had a Halloween one last year and when looking for a new one I came across this Unicorns one. Made for me, right? And finally, some colouring pencils to use in my copy of Mrs Hinch: The Activity Journal.

What have you been buying lately? 

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