Friday, 17 April 2020

Haul Post!

It's Friday! And you know what that means. Things may well be very different today than they were just a month or so ago, but some things never change. And one of those things is my weekly haul post. So, enjoy! 

These pictures must have been taken the last time I went to Cardiff, before Christmas, to see my mum. There's a shop in Cardiff called Blue Banana which sells the most gorgeous Gothic clothes and accessories. I popped in with my mum and fell in love with this handbag. And a new handbag requires a new purse, obviously. I also wanted a new make-up bag, as most of mine are very bright colours and aren't really in keeping with the Gothic feel I was going for here! 

Yes, more Halloween decorations! I really id go a little OTT on the Halloween decs front last year. But the majority of them were inexpensive, from places like Asda and B&M. I also bought my Halloween costume from Asda this year. Believe it or not, I've never worn a Halloween costume before. But last year, when dishing out sweets to the trick or treaters, I was asked why I wasn't dressed up too. So I promised to dress up this year - as a unicorn! 

Yep, another magazine haul. Although not too many this time. I have drastically cut down the amount of magazines I buy a month as I just couldn't keep up with the amount I was buying. Now I only buy two crime magazines and one cat magazine a month. Much more manageable!

A little bit of everything kind of haul. My cat loves these Miss Purrfect treats, especially the octopus strips, as you can see from the photo! He wouldn't even let me put them away without giving him a few first. This green scarf was a gift from my mum on our trip to Cardiff. And the unicorn lollipop was a treat from my mother-in-law from our visit to Tewkesbury's Mop Fair.

A few bits I picked up in 'the big Primark' whilst in Cardiff. I don't use this Smartphone Ring Holder, I just have it displayed on my Harry Potter shelf. I do, however, use the Hufflepuff water bottle. It keeps your drink nice and cold! I couldn't resist these adorable Marie slippers - The Aristocats is my favourite Disney film and Marie my favourite Disney character. (Beauty and the Beast, and Belle, are a close second though!) 

A few Harry Potter beauty goodies from Boots. My husband very kindly treated me to both the Lush Advent Calendar and the Harry Potter Boots Beauty Advent Calendar. I was a lucky girl! I treated myself to the Harry Potter House Reveal Bath Fizzer, but I haven't used it yet as I'm scared it's going to give me a house I don't want! 

And I didn't come out of Primark without a few clothes! A lovely, chunky, wool cardigan. A new pair of black jeggings. And a pretty pink, floral print dress. I very rarely treat myself to new clothes, but sometimes a girls just got to, right?! 

What have you been buying lately? 

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