Monday, 20 April 2020

5 Good Deeds To Perform During Lockdown

"Even a smile is a good deed." - Shari Arison.

Welcome to a one-off spin-off from my recent four-part series where I shared five films, books, games and TV shows to keep you occupied during lockdown. Today, I'm going to be sharing five ways you can perform a good deed and help someone else even though we're all stuck in quarantine! 

1. Lockdown Library. Got some books floating around the house that you've read and no longer want? Whether you've got a stack of crime fiction, some well-read children's books or even colouring/activity books; pop them outside your front door with a little sign and offer them free to passers-by. Lots of people are going to be grateful for an extra book or two to keep them occupied right now.

2. Special Skills. Do you have a special skill to offer? Maybe you can play guitar, speak Italian or excel at mathematics. Share your special skill with others by offering a free online class. Many people are looking to learn something new whilst in lockdown. And with schools being shut down for who knows how long, many students (or parents of students) will be glad of some extra tuition!

3. Donate. Charities are desperate for donations at the moment. Whether you can donate your time, unused food/toiletry products, or money. The charities will be so grateful for whatever you can spare. Why not come up with your own lockdown fundraising idea and ask friends/family to donate (some fundraising ideas include cycling/running/walking a certain distance, reading so many books in a set amount of time, etc)? Or get involved in The 2.6 Challenge, a call to action to save UK charities.

4. Check In With The Elderly. The elderly are the most vulnerable right now, both in terms of their physical and mental health. Many of them are isolated and lonely; away from their family and friends. Give your nearby care homes a ring and see if you can have a weekly phone call with one of their residents who maybe don't have any family to keep in touch with them? Or check in on an elderly neighbour (but remember to keep two metres apart!)

5. Decorate & Smile! It might seem like a small thing, but popping some colourful rainbow pictures up in your windows brings a smile to passers-by and is an easy way to spread some joy and cheer. And when out on your daily walk/cycle/run, or journey to the shop, make sure you smile at everyone you pass. Maybe even give a little nod or a wave, or say "hello." As long as you keep your distance, there's no rule against socialising a little and it's sure to brighten most everybody's day.

My own lockdown library!

How are you going to perform a good deed today? 

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