Sunday, 1 March 2020

March Goals!

I really do need to make a note of my goals each month. Whenever I come to write these posts, I find myself unable to even recall what my goals for the past month were, let alone whether I achieved them or not. But how can I achieve those goals if I don't know what they are? Maybe I'll make noting my goals down somewhere each month a goal for this month! But before I set out my goals for March, let's take a look back at how I got on with my goals for February. 

1. Celebrate Valentine's Day. Did this. Husband and I went to TGI Friday's and enjoyed a delicious meal together. You can see some photos of our meal in my Life Lately: February Edition post from Monday!

2. Spend time with family. I got to catch up with my grandparents in February. Sadly, my plans to meet up with my mum in Cardiff had to be put on hold thanks to flooding in Tewkesbury. There's always next month, though.

3. Tidy up the front and back garden. This didn't happen, thanks in part to Storm Ciara and Dennis. The storms took out one fence panel and post, which are currently on the floor in our back garden. This is making clean-up operations difficult. 

Despite failing to achieve one of my goals for February, I'm still pleased with the outcome. I couldn't have foreseen the storms causing such damage to our garden. So that one's on Mother Nature, not on me. Now on to my goals for March.

1. Listen to an audio-book. Whether I finish one or not is irrelevant. But I have a lot of audio-books unread on my Audible account, and I can fit a chapter in whilst cooking/cleaning/waiting for sleep. So I want to get started on an audio-book in March. The biggest problem will be choosing which one!

2. Spend time with friends. Anyone else feel like the months whizz by and before you know it it's been forever since you last saw your friends? I know that seems to be the case for us anyway, so in March I want to make some concrete plans with friends. And I don't mean the TV show!

3. Celebrate my husband's birthday. My husband turns 35 in March and I want to celebrate by going out for a nice meal, or getting in a takeaway and enjoying a cosy night in together.

(Also, make a note of my goals for this month in my Filofax so I know what they actually are!)

What are your goals for March? 

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