Wednesday, 25 March 2020

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I have a confession to make. I'm a false lashes virgin! I know a lot of women, including many of my female friends, wear them but I have never. To be honest with you, I've never felt the need as I have exceptionally long eyelashes already. I'm often complimented on them and, fun story, the ultrasound technicians gendered me as male during a scan because they could see the long eyelashes which are typically a male thing. I was going to be called Joe and my mum was devastated because she wanted a girl. It all worked out in the end though, 'cos surprise, I was a girl! And I can't deny I haven't been intrigued by false lashes in the past. So I decided to give Ardell Professional Magnetic Lashes from* a try. Just because I already have long lashes, doesn't mean I can't wear false ones!

I wanted to snap some photos of me actually wearing the false eyelashes, but it is damn hard to take a good close-up of your eye. I'll keep trying and may come back and update this post with those photos if I ever get one that isn't blurry/wonky/completely out of focus. For now, you'll have to make do with some photos of the product and my review.

Who better to review some false eyelashes than a false eyelash virgin? I was v nervous about applying them; I had no idea what to expect. But Magnetic Lashes? Super easy to apply! 

It's as simple as this. Start by applying the Magnetic Gel Liner, much like you do eyeliner, just above your real lashes on the eyelid. Then choose your lashes and apply them, lining them up with the sweep of Magnetic Gel Liner you previously applied. 

Once they're on, they're on. These lashes easily last all day without moving around or irritating your eye. And if you do feel the need to re-position them at any point, it's easy to do. But I didn't once feel the need to do this. Once I'd applied the lashes, they stayed on until I went to bed without any issues, movement or discomfort. 

Removal isn't difficult either with a decent cleanser (which you're most likely using as part of your bedtime skincare routine, right?!) 

I preferred Ardell 113 Magnetic Lashes because they felt fuller and thicker; more natural. But both lashes enhanced my natural lashes and made my eyes look FABULOUS. The easy application and removal was a huge bonus, as I'm not one to spend much time on my appearance. Well, these false eyelashes take no time at all! Admittedly, I've never used glue-on false eyelashes but I really feel that magnetic lashes have an edge over glue-on. I hear people say glue-on can be irritating as the day goes on, and are potentially more difficult to apply and remove. I had none of those problems with the Magnetic Lashes.

They're also pretty affordable. A pack of everything (lashes and gel) costs just £14.99 on, who stock the whole range of Ardell Lashes and offer FREE first class delivery on all orders placed on their website when you spend £10 or more. Perfect!

I'm not a total false lashes convert. I probably still prefer my natural lashes, because I am #blessed. But they definitely have their advantages - making my eyes look on point, for example. And I'll be keeping them in mind for future special occasions - weddings, parties etc. As they're the perfect accessory to any banging outfit. 

Do you wear false eyelashes? 

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