Friday, 27 March 2020

Haul Post!

In these uncertain times, it's nice to keep to some sort of routine, which is why I'm still going ahead with posting my haul posts on a Friday. They might seem frivolous in light of all that's going on right now, but I enjoy them and I know others do too. And we all need something we can enjoy right now, frivolous or not. So here's what I've been buying lately...

By far the most expensive purchase I made last year. I succumbed to Apple and bought the brand shiny new iPhone 11 in Lilac. I'm so pleased with it. The battery life is so much better than previous models and, as per, their hardware is top notch. 

It's shocking to me that Christmas stuff is released in-stores at the same time as Halloween stuff. Can we please at least get Halloween and maybe Bonfire Night out of the way first?! One holiday at a time, folks. Anyway, I couldn't resist The Night Before Christmas book I spotted in Home Bargains for something like £1.99. It's a classic, and one I can't wait to read to my own kids one day! 

A few random bits I picked up in Asda and B&M. I ended up popping the Friends Desk Planner in the car boot pile as, although it's great, I'll never actually use it and will I ever stop buying things I'll never get around to using?! Like these Harry Potter Gadget Decals; I still haven't used them yet. But I do intend to. Someday!

These photos date back to around October then! When I was buying lots of new Halloween decorations to decorate the outside of my house with. Halloween is my favourite holiday and I really do go all out with the decorations.

Forever treating my pets. I don't think my fish will be very appreciative of the Plant Weight though. But it'll make my life easier, as the plants in the fish tank are forever floating up to the top unless I bury them under six inches of gravel! 

Just a little homeware haul. I had been after the Scrub Daddy for ages, since I saw it on Mrs Hinch's Instagram Stories. A great little scrubber, featuring a soft and a firm side for different surfaces/stains/etc. 

What have you been buying lately? 

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