Friday, 6 March 2020

Haul Post!

It's that time again, time for another haul post. This one might be a little longer than usual because I got carried away editing pictures and edited more than I intended to. So I might as well upload them all to this post, right? Right! Enjoy.

Who doesn't love a little Lush haul? I wish I could remember what these bath bombs were but alas, I cannot. I was very excited to see Lush jumping on the slime bandwagon. I adore their Shower Jelly so am keen to see how their Shower Slime stacks up. I'll let you know what I think once I've tried it (working through my Shower Jelly collection right now though!)

If I go into a pet store and buy something for my cat, I feel like I have to buy something for the fish too. You could say all my pets are spoilt! The fish absolutely love the Bloodworm, although they only have it as a treat once a week. I love watching them swimming around with a piece of bloodworm sticking out of their mouth. They're such funny creatures!

A random haul from, I think, B&M. I am loving the Minky range of cleaning products. I already own the sponge (regular, Christmas and Valentine's Day edition) and duster. But this Glass and Window Cloth is a game-changer. My husband has something of a sweet tooth, so I picked up these Fizzy Tornadoes for him. Always thinking of others, me. Where's my sainthood, eh? 

I do love an Avon haul, too. We have so much of their bubble bath, it's beyond ridiculous. I can't help myself from buying new scents whenever they release them though. Avon's rosewater range is also fabulous and this multipurpose cream is perfect for keeping on your nightstand for your evening skincare routine. I picked up this Foamie on Amazon, and what a great idea it is. It comes pre-loaded with soap and, once empty, can be refilled with a shower gel of your choice. Simply wet the sponge and lather up. It couldn't be easier! 

My local veterinary surgery sells these Pet Odor Exterminator Candles and they are the best candles I've ever bought. The smell is so strong and definitely helps cover up the smell of the cat litter tray (the main downside to having an indoor cat!) I bought this Addis Under Sink Storage before I realised it was a Mrs Hinch endorsed product. I wasn't jumping on the bandwagon, honest! But it is fabulous, and I can see why Mrs Hinch loves it. Bought this (somewhat expensive) sink tidy from Amazon and found a cheaper, and better, one in Aldi the week after. Obvs.

A random Aldi haul. The Specialbuys aisle is full of pointless crap really, isn't it? This Squishmallow is perfect for when I'm feeling a bit stressed as I can squeeze it till the cows come home. And I wanted the Unicorn Mini Boos Collectable but alas, I was unsuccessful in my attempt to collect this one.

And we'll finish the haul off with a few more magazines. What else is there to say, really? 

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