Sunday, 22 March 2020

Five Years With A Cat

5 years. 

60 months.

1825 days.

43800 hours.

2629038 seconds.

Half a decade. 

That's how long we've loved you. 

It's hard to believe that this little lad is five years old. 

Harder still to believe he's been in our lives for that long.

It's both impossible to imagine life without him, and hard to believe time has gone so fast. 

He's grown from this tiny little ball of fluff to a strong, handsome thug.

He used to only be able to fall asleep in my arms, now he acts like any form of affection from me is the worst. 

Five years later, and he's still the most loving and affectionate lad.

Sometimes, he reaches out and grabs my hand with his claws ever so gently and, oh, my heart bursts.

He picks up on my moods and is always there for me when I'm down or anxious.

He's the best company, especially when I'm working from home or my husband's away for work.

He's still our baby, even if he is all grown up now.

Do you have a cat? Aren't they the best pets?

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