Sunday, 8 March 2020

February-March Book Haul!

I'm sticking to my resolution to buy less books this year and I'm feeling pretty proud of myself if I'm honest. The key to success for me has been avoiding the book aisle in supermarkets when doing the weekly grocery shop and not spending too long browsing the book section of Amazon. But I'm still buying books I've had on my wish-list since last year; books I've been looking forward to for months. And today I'm sharing those ones from February/March.

Did I miss the memo on World Book Day? Is the theme blue? Because all the book covers I've seen so far for this year's World Book Day's books are blue! Not complaining, just wondering if it's a curious coincidence or some sort of conspiracy *wink wink*. I wasn't planning on buying anymore children's books this year but the new titles for World Book Day were too good to resist, especially Matt Haig's contribution. 

I really missed The Reading Agency's QuickReads release last year (there were some funding issues, I believe, that meant the future of the scheme looked uncertain) so of course I snapped up all the new titles upon their release this year. Most looking forward to Clare Mackintosh's The Donor and A Fresh Start.

Even though I still haven't got around to reading Lucy Foley's debut, The Hunting Party, yet, I've heard such good things about it I immediately snapped up her new title. Definitely could have waited for the paperback version, but I do prefer a hardback to be honest. I was also really excited for the release of Grace is Gone, by Emily Elgar, which is fiction but based on the real life story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard.

So those are the books I've been buying lately. What about you? What books have you bought recently? 

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