Monday, 23 March 2020

A Dorkface Haul

You guys probably already know I'm a huge fan of Dorkface. And I love to share the goodies I've picked up from her online store with you all! In these worrying times, Dorkface's stationery/prints/postcards/etc will certainly put a smile on your face when they drop through your letterbox. And, because she's an online seller, you can still engage in social distancing whilst shopping till your heart's content. Missing your loved ones while self-isolating? Send them a cheery card from Dorkface's shop for a feel-good boost for you both. Feeling down? Treat yourself to some cute and colourful stickers. There's more reason than ever now to shop with Dorkface, because as a self-employed artist trying to look after her family in these difficult times she needs the support. And every little order helps. Here's my recent order to hopefully inspire you to make a purchase of your own!

As soon as I saw this pin on the shop, I knew it was going to be mine. It's beautiful and just so me. All of Dorkface's pins are the most well made pins I've ever bought - gorgeous, colourful, sturdy and secure. There's no chance of these babies falling off!

My last bookmark from Dorkface has been falling apart for a little while now, but I still used it as I loved it. As it lasted a solid two years or so with near constant use, I knew I'd replace it with a new design when Dorkface released some. And then she did!

Because I had to wait so long for the book pin delivery, as it was coming from China at the time the Coronavirus crisis started over there, Dorkface threw in a freebie in the form of this beautiful print, which is now displayed proudly on my bookcase. 

Prepare for sticker spam!

Comfort over sex appeal any day, am I right?!

The majority of Dorkface's products are bright and colourful, but she also caters for the emos/goths with some dark AF stickers/prints. She's also got a range of Harry Potter themed stickers and prints that I know many of you will love! I know I did, anyway.

I'm looking forward to placing another order with Dorkface very soon. She's always releasing amazing new products, and I'm forever refreshing her shop to see what's new that I want. Hopefully you lovely readers will support Dorkface and consider making an order yourselves. I know she'll appreciate it massively! 

Do you shop with Dorkface already?

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