Sunday, 29 March 2020

10 Things You Can Do Without Leaving Your Home

Most of us across the world are currently in isolation as we wait for the Coronavirus crisis to pass and do our part to slow/stop the spread of Covid-19. No one enjoys being cooped up at home 24/7, and it might feel a little boring or tedious. So here are my 10 suggestions for things you can do without stepping outside your front door! 

1. Gardening. Have a back garden? It's time to get out there and potter around. Pull up all the weeds. Give your flowers/plants a good water. Clean down any garden furniture that's been left out over the winter period. No back garden? See if you can order a planter and some seeds and make yourself a little window box.

2. Reading. Got a massive TBR pile? I know I have! Now's the perfect time to make a dent in it. Carve out a few hours everyday just for reading. Take the phone off the hook, mute your mobile and enjoy!

3. Binge-watch. Most of us have some form of streaming service, be it Netflix/Amazon/Disney+/etc. Now's the time to find a new series to watch and binge it. Or have a movie fest!

4. Bake. If you can get your hands on the ingredients, that is. But if you can, bake till your heart's content. Maybe take some of your baked goods around to the neighbours - wrapped and left on their doorstep?

5. Call your family. It's hard not being able to be with our loved ones right now. But a phone call can make a big difference to your and their day. So give your mum/gran/dad/brother a ring now and check in with them. I guarantee they'll be glad to chat!

6. Exercise. We can still go out for walks right now in the UK, as long as we keep  our distance (2 metres, about 6 feet) from other people. If you can't get out for a walk, there's so many exercise videos/tutorials online you can take part in. Take your pick from yoga, Pilates, HIIT, walking and more!

7. Learn a new skill. Can't cook? Find a recipe and give it a go! Want to learn to knit? Order some wool, needles and find a YouTube tutorial to follow. Been yearning to write a novel? Now's the time to make a start on it.

8. Play. Whether it's video games or board games, play a game. Monopoly is the world's longest game ever and usually ends in frustration as time to play runs out. Well, time to play is endless now so grab your roommates/family/spouse/children (whoever you live with) and Monopoly. Don't forget the snacks!

9. Nap. I love naps and am a huge believer in the healing power of a good nap. It's not always so easy to have a nap though, what with work and other responsibilities. But whilst you're stuck at home, off work and with no place to be, take a nap!

10. Online shopping. Many retailers have made the move online in an effort to keep their businesses, that have had to close their physical doors, running. Take a look online to see if your favourite shops are up and running with a virtual presence and make a purchase. You'll be glad of the feeling you get supporting a business during these uncertain times, you'll get a boost when your order arrives through your letterbox, and the business will be so so grateful. 

Do you have any tips on getting through isolation?

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