Monday, 3 February 2020

Life Lately: January Edition!

You guys, January's finally over! And I'm glad to see the back of that month to be honest. It's definitely the worst month of the year; what with all the resolutions, lack of money, and that never-ending feeling. But now we can move on and start to enjoy the rest of 2020. And I am ready! Before we get too forward-thinking though, let's cast a glance back at January and see what I got up to. 

Doing...more than I realised, looking back at my diary for January. Chris and I celebrated nine years together, which we didn't really celebrate as we now celebrate our wedding anniversary instead. But it's nice to mark the occasion. Next year will be a decade; how crazy is that?! We went on two date night's - once to the cinema to see Jumanji: The Next Level, and another time to crazy golf. I also went to the cinema with a friend to see the new Star Wars. It was incredible! I shopped the January sales hard, of course. And saw the doctor to talk about new treatment for my migraines, which have been damn near constant of late. I'm now on a blood pressure medication that also works for migraines, but this is the last resort before I'm referred to neurology (which has a nine month waiting list - yay!)
Buying...way too many books in the sales, naturally. But the best purchase of January, and of the January sales, was our new vacuum. We went for the Dyson Cordless V10 Absolute - which was on special offer with £100 off. And it has changed my life. It's made vacuuming so much easier, and it picks up so much better than our shitty old Vax. The carpets looked like new after I used the Dyson on them for the first time!
Reading...lots of magazines. I haven't read a single book yet this year, but that's okay, there's still time. I'm just trying to work through the huge backlog of magazines I seem to have accrued over the past few months. 
Watching...SAS: Who Dare Wins. Chris and I love it; it's one of the few TV series we both like. As mentioned above, I also went to see the new Star Wars and was captivated. Truly a brilliant movie. And Jumanji: The Next Level didn't disappoint either being just as funny as the first Jumanji.
Spending...time with my husband. This year, I want to strengthen our relationship and make us a power couple. We've both been spending a lot of time working on our fostering application, too. More about that in a Let's Talk Babies post coming soon!
Planning for...Valentine's Day. We don't go big on Valentine's Day, but we like to mark the occasion by going out somewhere different for a meal. I've already bought a card for my husband, for the cat and from the cat so I'm pretty prepared on that front. We/I just need to decide where to go to eat! I'm currently thinking TGI's.

How cute is my cat? He might have been a part of our lives for 5 years (in March) but I never tire of staring at him!

Working through my Lush stash before the warmer months arrive and baths become a distant memory in favour of a cool shower!

Why haven't I read this before?! Seeing the new Jumanji film in the cinema last month inspired me to pick up the book that inspired so many films.

Invitations to my best friend's wedding, which I'm Maid of Honour at, arrived! So excited for the big day in July.

What did you get up to in January? Are you glad it's finally over? 

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