Monday, 24 February 2020

Life Lately: February Edition!

As always seems to be the case after the interminable slowness of January, February has just whizzed by. It's been a good month, but I sort of feel like I blinked and missed it! So here's my chance, and yours, to look back at the past month and see what I've been up to.

Doing...a whole lot of fun things. 'Twas the month of love, so Chris and I went out on a date night on Valentine's Day. We ended up at TGI Friday's and had a delicious meal. He even surprised me with a delivery of roses on the day. I was so surprised, I actually thought I had a secret admirer for a minute! This month I've also caught up with my grandparents, got my nails did, started our fostering application with a few visits from a social worker, and got back to the gym after over a month off. Oh, and I finally got a referral to Neurology to see about treating my migraines, as the GP has run out of treatment options and I now need to see a specialist. Yay!
Buying...very little, actually. I know, who even I am? I'm determined to make this year the year I get on top of my finances, so I've been quite restrained with my purchases. Naturally, there were some book pre-orders. I also bought a new My Blue Nose Friend (pics in my February Favourites post!) and a new handbag and purse which will be arriving today. I also treated my husband to Crash Bandicoot: Nsane Trilogy for the Xbox One as a belated Valentine's Day present!
Reading...not enough. Reading has taken a back seat this month. I've been favouring video games if I'm honest. But I've made my way through a few magazines, and am going to try to prioritise reading again come March.
Playing...Crash Bandicoot: Nsane Trilogy. I bought this for my husband, actually, but ended up playing it myself when he was out one night and IT. IS. AWESOME. I don't think I played the original Crash Bandicoot, and boy was I missing out. I've also started playing The Sims 2 again, one of the best games in The Sims series in my opinion. It doesn't play too well on my laptop - there seems to be some visual glitches - but it runs well enough for me to enjoy it. 
Watching...Hunted, Intelligence. There's some good shows on at the moment that both the husband and I are enjoying. We've only watched the first episode of Intelligence so far, but I'm super excited to carry on watching and see how GCHQ comes across. It's only up the road from me (well, about a twenty minute drive away). I drive past it quite regularly!
Coming up...March looks set to be a busy month with the husband off to India for a week for work, his birthday, his dad's birthday and my best friend's birthday. We've also got a family birthday meal and a meal out with some old friends planned. Busy, busy!

Tewkesbury has been pretty badly hit by the storms lately. Storm Ciara took out one fence panel and a post in our garden. We were going to replace the fence panels and posts this Summer anyway, but this has kind of forced our hand. Storm Dennis caused severe flooding and saw Tewkesbury become something of an island. So what will Storm Ellen bring, I wonder?

Sorry not sorry for the food pics spam. This meal was too good not to share. And I really enjoyed the Bubble-gum Daiquiri!

How was February for you? 

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