Wednesday, 5 February 2020

January Favourites!

January can be a pretty bleak month, but there's good to be found in everything, right? So I'm here to cast a look back at a few of my favourite things from January, because even though the month seemed dull and never-ending there were still some high points.

Another bath photo. Real original, Aimee. I know, I know. But my weekly bath (don't worry, I do shower during the rest of the week!) is always a highlight. Gotta get all those hot baths in before the warmer months arrive and baths become a distant memory in favour of a cool shower. 

One of the few TV shows the husband I both enjoy is back on our screens. We rarely watch it when it actually airs, on the Sunday, but save it for when we're having dinner on Monday evening.

Love this photo I took of my cat during one of our morning cuddles. It's become something of a ritual of ours to spend ten (or more) minutes in bed every morning cuddling. Sometimes he falls asleep, sometimes I fall asleep. On this occasion, we both fell asleep!

Eminem's new album dropped last month and it is AMAZING. Not gonna lie, it took a few listens before I decided I really loved it. But I'm a huge fan now. My favourite song from the album has got to be Those Kind of Nights. Gotta love two of my favourite artists collaborating (Eminem and Ed Sheeran).

I bought a lot of great books in the January sales, but I'm most excited for this one. It's a beautiful book, both inside and out. And I've heard a lot of good things about it!

First set of nails of 2020, baby! I really struggled to decide what to have done this time, as there was no obvious theme for January. But I found some inspiration on the interwebs and this is what I settled on. Aren't they fab?!

Tell me one of your favourite things from January! 

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