Friday, 28 February 2020

Haul Post

You know what time it is. Time for another haul post, of course! I'm trying to make these a weekly occurrence, at least until I've made some kind of a dent in my Haul Post photos folder. There's something like 400 images in there right now though, so it could take a while. I know you guys enjoy these kinds of posts though, so here you go. Enjoy!


Yep, more magazines. You can tell how far back these photos date though by the fact that the Planet Mindful magazine features a beach scene on the front. That's right, these photos are from Summer 2019!

This is a little haul from Welland Steam Rally. We attend every year and I always come back with some weird and wonderful purchases. This plastic vase is fantastic, though, as it fits a regular sized bouquet of flowers in and, after use, folds flat for easy storage. The sellers even gave me the flowers they were displaying in the vase. I couldn't resist anything Harry Potter or unicorn themed when I saw them either. And I finally got a carrier bag holder for the kitchen. I've been after one for so long, but they're so expensive in the supermarket. This one was only £1 and homemade! 

My husband bought me this gorgeous crucifix necklace from H. Samuels. I had to buy a longer chain for it, as it felt more like a choker on me, but I found a cheap enough one on Amazon. I'm becoming quite the gin drinker, and 'Unicorn Gin' is my drink of choice. So I picked myself up a bottle to enjoy at home on the odd occasion. 

Continuing on with the unicorn theme, these Unicorn Bookends were too adorable to pass up and now reside on the very top of my bookshelf, containing a spill over of books from the shelves below. You'll have seen this Light-Up Unicorn Bathplug in many of my bath photos in past Favourites posts, I'm sure. And this bundle of 'Alice Bands' was super cheap on Amazon. I now pretty much have one to match every outfit I could possibly put together.

I am forever picking up new/limited edition soap scents. Carex have put out some really good ones lately, and I'm loving this one as I adore the taste and the smell of Drumstick Squashies. This Hand Sanitizer was an impulse buy at the till. I'm a sucker for an impulse buy, me!

A little stationery haul. I was in dire need of some new storage for all my paperwork (bank statements, medical records, phone bills etc) so this storage box was perfect. Even if it is getting rather full now! And I couldn't resist this Bic Writing Set. I don't really use the biros, but the fine-liners and markers get a lot of use.

What have you been buying lately? 

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