Sunday, 23 February 2020

Haul Post!

Oh yes, it's that time again. Time for another haul post. I hope you're not getting sick of these yet! Here's a little look back at what I've been buying lately.

This Gaston Luga backpack is gorgeous, isn't it? I saw it on a fellow blogger's Instagram and knew I had to own it! It even came with a free passport cover which might come in handy one day. A new bag needs a new purse, so I chose this white quilted number from River Island. White goes with everything, right? 

Some more magazines, of course. And I'm not gonna stop buying magazines and including them in my haul post. I can't remember where I saw this Pet Shack sign but I knew I had to have it. It now has pride of place on our front door. 

More magazines. Well, there's not much else to be said now. Except for the fact I have now cut down my magazine ordering each month to just three - two crime ones and one cat one!

Love a Lush haul. I don't do them too often anymore as I'm trying to work through my stash and not buy too much more. But I just can't resist sometimes. And did you know Lush now do their own magazine? It's really interesting and I enjoyed the first issue I picked up!

I do enjoy an Avon haul sometimes too. I love their lipsticks and their range of hand soaps. This mandarin and jasmine soap smells amazing! 

What have you been buying lately? 

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