Wednesday, 26 February 2020

February Favourites

Is it really that time again? Is it just me, or did February seem to last, like, two days?! And now here I am again, sharing a few of my favourite things from the past month. It feels like just yesterday I was writing this post for January! 

I used to collect My Blue Nose Friends. I think I still have a whole bag full of them in the attic somewhere. I'm holding on to them to decorate a future nursery/child's room. When I spotted Legend the Unicorn on the My Blue Nose Friends Facebook page, I knew I had to have him. So I got on Amazon and hurrah, they had him! He now sits in pride of place on my bookshelf in the living room for now.

We've only watched the first episode at the time of writing this post, but lots of laughs were had. This promises to be a hilarious look at nearby to me GCHQ. And David Schwimmer is fantastic in his leading role. Speaking of, who else is super excited for the confirmed reunion episode of Friends?! Near enough had a heart attack when I heard the news. 

The boy done good. A surprise delivery of a dozen red roses arrived on my doorstep on Valentine's Day. I was so shocked, and at first didn't even believe they were from my husband. I thought I must have a secret admirer. But nope, husband actually bought me some flowers for Valentine's Day. That's a first!

Love Day nails! This photo was taken by my very talented nail artist, but the nails are my own. How cute are they? I was so excited for my Valentine's Day nails, and as per my nail artist didn't disappoint. Going for something a little different and more complicated next month, so keep an eye out for those in my March Favourites post.

Lush baths are the best when it's cold and rainy outside. I've had a fair few this past month, and I might be making a dent in my Lush collection, finally! Now if I can just stay away from Lush (online and on the high street) I should be able to get my Lush collection back to something resembling a more reasonable size.

Never not going to share a picture of my cute kitty in my Favourites posts. He deserves the share, and he's one of my favourite things every single day, let alone month. Here he is looking very comfy, cosy and sleepy. That's pretty much his usual look though, to be fair.

Actually bought this game for my husband as a belated Valentine's Day present, but once I'd started playing it I was hooked. I've never played Crash Bandicoot before, but I feel like I missed out! I'm totally obsessed with this game, and hubby's going to have a hard time getting me off it now.

Tell me one of your favourite things from February in the comments section below!

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