Friday, 14 February 2020

Every Picture Has A Story To Tell* || With Photowall

I really do think pictures make a house a home, don't you? It's taken us four years, but we've finally started adorning the walls with a variety of pictures. Some of us, some of family (including the cat), and some that have nothing to do with us but we liked (for example, a canvas of a field of bluebells that hangs in our living room!) 

After our wedding, there were so many photos I wanted to get printed, framed and hung. I didn't want to go overboard, but it turns out I may have done. We have four in the living room, one in the hallway and now, thanks to Photowall*, three in the bedroom. Is that too many? I don't know. I'm sure once we have our own family, some of the wedding photos will be replaced by family photos. But for now, our wedding photos are special to us and it's nice to be able to look at them everyday and be reminded of our special day. 

Photowall got in contact with me and I was super excited by the range of products they offer. From canvas prints, in various sizes, to wallpaper and wall murals, prints to posters; and everything can be personalised with your own image/images! They also have a range of pretty pictures to choose from if you're in need of some inspiration. And I have an exclusive 25% discount for all my readers. Looking for a new print or canvas for your home? Then just read on for the discount code!

I adore this photo of the two of us signing the book on our wedding day. It's a photo that shows just how happy and in love we are. And it's just the perfect shot. So it was a no-brainer really when it came to what I wanted printed on our canvas. The process of creating the canvas was really easy. It took around ten-fifteen minutes and was pretty self-explanatory. You could choose the size of your canvas, whether you wanted the recommended size (which I went for) or to size it yourself. Then how you wanted the image framed.

Delivery was really quick! I placed the order on Friday and received my canvas on Tuesday. It was packaged securely and came essentially flat-packed. You put the canvas together yourself when it arrives. This saves on delivery costs as the package is a lot smaller. And assembly is pretty straightforward with detailed instructions and everything you need to put it all together and hang it on the wall included in the parcel. 

We tried to hang our canvas with Command Picture Hanging Strips, but turns out it's too heavy! So I'm currently waiting on my husband to hang it properly in pride of place above our bed. We don't have much on the walls in our bedroom, and this looks so good hanging in situ. 

Overall, I'm really pleased with the quality of the canvas we received from Photowall. I thought at first that it was a little expensive for what it was. But considering the size and quality of the print, I now don't think that at all. And I'd definitely order from them again. Maybe I can convert my husband from paint to wallpaper and we can have some wallpaper with our cat's face on! 

Overall, a five star service from a five star company.

Exclusive 25% Discount Code: "aimeeraindropwrites2021"
(This can be used as much as you want for a month. Thanks to Photowall for this generous discount!)

Do you like decorating your walls with pictures or do you prefer a plain wall? 

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