Sunday, 26 January 2020

What's Inside The Lush Advent Calendar?

If you're any kind of Lush fan, you'll know that they put out their first Advent Calendar last year. It was a little on the expensive side, at nearly £200, but was jam-packed full of some amazing Lush goodies. And I'm here to tell you exactly what those goodies were! 

From top left-right.

- Santa's Bubble Wand
- Fairytale Sugar Scrub
- Red Lipstick and Lipstick Holder
- Sleepy Dust Dusting Powder
- Ponche Shower Gel
- Happy Shower Gel
- Yog Nog Shower Gel
- Golden Pear Glow Stick
- Snowflake Body Lotion
- Holly Fun
- Candy Cane Tooth Jelly
- Galaxy Lip Scrub
- Night Bloom Soap
- Butterbear Soap 
- Snowman Dreaming Bath Bomb
- Midnight Massage Bar
- Polar Bear Plunge Bath Bomb
- Retro Tree Bath Melt
- Santas Grotto Bath Bomb
- Pop Art Bath Bomb
- Jingle Spells Bath Bomb
- Rudolfs Nose Shower Bomb
- Warm Sock Bath Melt
- Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

If you know me at all, you'll know that about 80% of the items included in the Lush Advent Calendar I'd have bought anyway. I'm a sucker for their seasonal ranges, especially their Christmas collection, and I'm always buying more shower gels, bath bombs and bubble bars. But the Lush Advent Calendar has also pushed me out of my comfort zone with some new products I wouldn't normally buy, like the soaps, the make-up and the massage bar. 

Since I'd have wound up buying most of these products anyway, the Lush Advent Calendar was pretty good value for money as the cost covers the price of the products included. Where the Lush Advent Calendar really excels is in it's longevity. Because once you've opened all 24 doors, and upon removing the cardboard dividers and paper stuffing, you can reuse the set of three drawers. I've used mine to store all my Lush bath bombs/bubble bars and such inside! 

I'd definitely buy the Lush Advent Calendar again - providing it came with at least some different goodies next time. That could be the issue for Lush, as so many of their seasonal products are returning favourites, but you don't want to be opening an advent calendar with the same old items inside. We'll see what they decide to do this year, if they even put out an Advent Calendar again that is. Though, judging by the sell-out success of last year's debut they'd be mad not to!

Did you, or someone you know, have the Lush Advent Calendar last Christmas?

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