Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Life Lately: December Edition!

It's pretty crazy to me that we're well into January 2020 now. Swear it was 2010 and then I blinked. How has a decade passed already?! Anyway, enough about the passing of time. Here's a little look back at what my December looked like.

Doing...all of the celebrating. Despite being really quite ill over the festive period with a chest infection that restricted my airways and led to me being on antibiotics and steroids, we still managed to enjoy a nice Christmas and New Year. Christmas Day was spent at my in-laws, where they cooked us a lovely Christmas Dinner. And Boxing Day we visited my grandparents, where my mum joined us, and had a wonderful family time and a second Christmas Dinner. Also in December; my granddad turned 81, we went Christmas shopping, festive nails, and caught up with friends. I also saw my gynaecologist who has advised that my husband and I take a break from trying for a baby whilst I go on the pill for a year and try to get my hormones/periods regulated. My focus now is on losing weight, I've even joined a gym, and then when we come to trying again if I still can't get pregnant I should have lost enough weight that the fertility specialists will agree to see me. But I'll write more about that in a Let's Talk Babies blog post soon!
Buying...all the Christmas wrapping paper, tags, bows and string. I wanted my presents to look super cute this year! And they did. Even if the recipients found it hard to get into them. Oops? 
Reading...Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas by Adam Kay. It wasn't a patch on his first book, but it was still an enjoyable, festive and funny read. I also finally finished Slender Man. Yay!
Watching...lots of Christmas specials. We never get to watch them when they're on, because we're usually with family who don't like them or want to watch TV. But we always record everything and watch it over the coming week while we're off work (if we're off work, we're not always.) Gavin and Stacy was a highlight this year!
Spending...a lot of time resting. My body was very weak after the chest infection, and the steroids and antibiotics didn't exactly help. Although they did kick the chest infection. So I spent most of the Christmas/New Year break resting in bed or on the sofa. I napped a lot!
Planning for...2020. Gotta set those goals!

Lots of Lush baths helped me recover from my chest infection!

I was blessed.

More Lush baths, this time a New Year's Eve one with the bath bomb I'd planned to use Christmas Eve but couldn't due to timing issues.

Santy Clause.

Got stuck on my bathroom wall.

Tell me what you got up to in December! How did you celebrate Christmas? 

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