Friday, 31 January 2020

Haul Post!

Hey guys, we're back to our regular scheduled programming! The yearly wrap-up posts are done, I've shared my Christmas presents haul, and told you all what was inside the Lush and Harry Potter Beauty Advent Calendars! So with that out the way, I'm coming at ya today with a good old haul post. Enjoy!

Why is it that every time I go into Poundland, I come out with the oddest selection of stuff? And rarely what I actually went in for. If I even went in there for something specific. Your Cat magazine is one of my favourite monthly magazines, so much so I finally subscribed to it! It's full of practical advice, cute pictures and inspiring stories. 

I have always wanted a Jellycat stuffed toy. They look so soft and inviting on the shelf, but they're also quite expensive. I spotted this cutie in Dudley Zoo's gift shop and decided YOLO. I also now own a bigger, blue Jellycat stuffed rabbit too. He's her big brother!

My monthly magazine spend is a little excessive with all these true crime, mental health and cat magazines! But they're my guilty little pleasure, what can I say? I desperately needed some new jeggings, and Matalan have the best pairs. They're just so comfy. So I placed an online order and voila!

Another YOLO moment. I adore Radley London bags, right down to the little Scotty dog! And I love this handbag, it's the perfect size for me and looks so sophisticated. It does make me feel like I need to colour it in though.

Love a good stationery haul. I tried to go without a Agenda last year, and try something new, but it didn't work out. So as soon as the 2019/2020 Agenda was released, I snapped one up along with some new sticky notes. Can never have enough sticky notes!

I don't always buy stuff for myself. Sometimes, I treat the cat. I couldn't resist this adorable cat tee-pee which, I'm pleased to report, the cat never uses! So that was a waste of money. He does play with the Cat Track Ball Toy though, so that's something at least. 

The Cat Track Ball Toy is shown out of the box in the first picture. I like to swap Harley's toys around regularly, so this is something new he can have from time to time. Also, new mugs. But don't tell my husband. I really do have a mug buying problem!

Rainbow Duck! I do like a rubber duck to play with in the bath. Or for the Insta photos. Next have some absolutely smashing homeware products at the moment. I couldn't walk away without the ring holder shaped like a cat (v handy for keeping my wedding/engagement rings safe when I take them off at night) and this cat shaped storage basket.

And the cat shaped storage basket looks like this! I use it to keep my magazines in, although it's rather full to bursting at the moment. I also bought a personalised phone case from a company I've worked with on my blog before (Go Customised). Isn't it adorable?

What have you been buying lately? 

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