Friday, 10 January 2020

December Reading Wrap-Up!

December was a pretty good month for reading. I had a bit more time on my hands, I was ill so didn't feel up to doing much else, and I wanted to hit my reading goal for the year before 2020 made it's presence felt. So it's time for a little look back at the books I read in December and what I thought of them.

I couldn't resist a few Christmas children's books. I adored John Lewis's Christmas advert with Edgar the dragon. So I was excited to read the accompanying book, Excitable Edgar(*****). Kevin The Carrot The Magical Circus(****) was an impulse buy in Aldi. But aren't most purchases in Aldi?! And The Little Prince(****) is a book that has been on my TBR list for some time. It's a really weird story though, isn't it? Please discuss with me in the comments if you've read this one!

Finally got around to finishing Slender Man(***) this month. Bit of a disappointment. Very little Slender Man, very little horror. Picked up a signed copy of Shout(****) by Laurie Halse Anderson on Amazon. It's a collection of unflinching poetry from a sexual assault survivor and is incredibly moving and powerful. I thought then I'd go for a festive read, and picked up Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas(***) by Adam Kay, author of bestseller This Is Going To Hurt. Sadly, his second offering was a little lacking, but an enjoyable read nonetheless. 

I remember loving the Horrible History/Science/ETC books as a child. They are pretty comical, and educational. And I can see why they're a fantastic resource for younger readers. The Body Owner's Handbook(***) was quite the gruesome and gory, but often fascinating, read. Revisiting my childhood again with The Cub In The Cupboard(****); Animal Ark was a favourite series of mine as a tweenager. And then I picked up The Addams Family: The Story of the Animated Movie(****) in Asda. Which was actually surprisingly quite good!

And finally, a random book I picked up in John Lewis of all places whilst queuing for the checkout. I do love books about cats, and What Your Cat Is Really Thinking(***) promises to be an interesting read. Full of cute cat pictures and information about cat behaviour, this is definitely a handy read for cat owners and cat lovers alike.

What have you read recently? 

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