Friday, 6 December 2019

Haul Post!

You know what time it is. Time for another haul post! There's a few more photos in this post than usual. Purely because I didn't want to split up a group of Lush photos, and I like to do things in three's. So please, indulge me and enjoy!


I think I bought this Sudoku book for Father's Day as a present for my granddad. He loves his Sudoku and normally plays on his tablet but I thought this would be a nice gift! Can never resist treating the cat to a few new toys, though I'm slowly learning he'd much rather have a few elastic bands than a new, expensive toy!

Some more cat toys; many of which, I suspect, I've bagged up and given to a friend with a new kitten now. Harley is just so ungrateful! I think I found all these cat toys in HomeSense. I remember being surprised because it's so hard to find cat toys anywhere other than Pets At Home, and even Pets At Home seem to have the same old stuff usually. Also couldn't resist this cute, Harley lookalike, doorstop. 

I love me some storage solutions. This wicker storage basket, from HomeSense I think, caught my eye and I used it to store my TBR pile in for a while! The Stacking Cabinet Shelf came in v handy providing extra storage under the sink although I now have an Addis Under Sink Storage (inspired by Mrs Hinch, of coourse!)

Could not resist these Ron, Harry and Hermione plushies from Aldi, of all places. They look so good on my Harry Potter shelf! The Azkaban notebook caught my eye too and although I really don't need a new notebook, I had to have it. And I found this unicorn themed pencil-case in HomeSense.

Some rather random bits and bobs. Where do hair clips go?! No matter how many I buy, I always seem to lose them all and end up having to buy more. At least they're cheap enough. I spotted these Mr and Mrs key-rings in Card Factory and thought they were cute, same with the unicorn photo frame.

Dear John was a present for my husband from the cat for Father's Day (cringe, I know, but we do buy each other presents from the cat). I love the Sleepy scent, so couldn't say no to the shower gel. I've been using dry shampoo for years, usually Batiste or Tresemme, but decided to give Lush's Dry Shampoo powder a go. It smells amazing, soaks up grease and leaves your hair looking gorgeous for another day!

I didn't dare get these two bath bombs out of the bag whilst I was in my living room. I could see it being a glitter disaster! But they are; Lucky Cat Bath Bomb and Black Rose Bath Bomb. I've been really suffering with dry/itchy eyes recently, I think because I spend so much time looking at a screen, so I'm hopeful these drops will help!

What have you been buying lately? 

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