Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Haul Post!

This'll be the last haul post for a few weeks! After taking a two week break from blogging for Christmas and New Year, I have a slew of end of year/new year posts coming up which means no time for haul posts. Which means this one is a little bit longer than usual as I try and cram some more in (I still have near enough 400 photos in my Haul Post photo folder!) So sit back, relax and enjoy a look back at what I've been buying lately.


Matilda was my favourite book and film growing up, so of course I couldn't resist the Matilda range of products from Bloom and Blossom. Hair Detangling Spray is a godsend, especially for someone with hair as curly as mine. I swear by Aveeno Hand Cream during the colder months. It's great for stopping your hands from getting dry and chapped.

Sainsbury's had some cute clothes in store recently. I so rarely buy myself clothes, most of my new stuff comes as hand-me-downs from my grandma/aunt/family friend, so I decided to treat myself.

Sainsbury's Jeggings are comfy, and super affordable! Busted another one of my bras, the wire shot right up through the middle and nearly poked my eye out, so that was fun. Which means another expensive purchase. Honestly why do bras for bigger breasted women have to cost so damn much?! It's just not fair. And then I went through a phase of being really into smaller handbags, so treated myself to this one from Debenhams. I quickly realised I'm really not a small handbag kinda gal though.

A new bag needs a new purse, obvs. I can't remember whether I bought this bra out of necessity or because I wanted a black one. I think it was because I wanted a black one as most of the ones I own are coloured/patterned. And sometimes you just need something plain!

I'm obsessed with these true crime bookazines. I have so many on my TBR pile right now. I don't often buy Catworld magazine but I was running out of magazine reading material at this point, plus I was keen on the Cat Stress article!

I got such a good deal on these shower gels. All of them are men's, and I picked them up for Chris. But I think they were something stupid like £1 or £2 each. So I decided to stock up while they were on offer. Also treated myself to a Vanilla Ice Cream scented shower gel. Can confirm, it smells good enough to eat. This Facial Mist is perfect for the hot, summer days. It cools you down instantly and is good for your skin!

This Ultimate Lip Kit was a bargain, and I'm a huge fan of a good lippy. It includes lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss. I also picked up a cooling pillow from Avon (that's what in the box in the second picture) which was a godsend in the summer. And finally, a little Asda haul. Some new hand towels, as ours seem to have mysteriously disappeared. And some random other bits and bobs. Couldn't resist this lil bear, that was left on the shelves after Father's Day and was just 50p.

What have you been buying lately? 

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