Sunday, 1 December 2019

Haul Post!

Yep, it's that time again. Time for another haul post. We're doing quite well guys, working through my huge stack of haul photos. If only I could stop adding to them... Anyway, here's a look back at what I've been buying recently. 

I have a huge stack of magazines waiting to be read. I think my magazine TBR pile is almost as big as my book TBR pile. Okay, there's no way that's true but the pile is getting out of control and I either need to start reading some or stop buying them monthly like.

Being an adult isn't all glamorous and exciting purchases you know. Sometimes it's carpet cleaner and a brush to work the carpet cleaner in with. I swear by this 1001 Carpet Fresh. I use it weekly to freshen up my carpets and keep them smelling lovely. 

Another exciting purchase; a dental guard. I grind my teeth overnight, and during the day, when my anxiety is bad and I've lost a few teeth as a result. Plus, it's really bloody painful. So I bought this dental guard to hopefully help overnight, at least. When I last got my hair cut, these haircare products were recommended to me so I spent a small fortune on them. Then found out that Aldi's £1 shampoo and conditioner is actually so much better for my hair.

Treated myself to a few Clinique products. My mum swears by them, but they're so pricey and I can't justify buying the full-sized products monthly. I do love a face spray though, and I could definitely do with something to reduce the suitcases I'm carrying around under my eyes these days. 

The Clinique set I bought also came with a Chubby Stick in Woppin' Watermelon. It's a very subtle shade, not my usual colour, but I quite like it and it's always nice to have a change. I spotted The Soap Story range of products in The Range of all places and couldn't resist picking up a few bits. 

I love a jelly soap. I'm always buying the Shower Jelly from Lush. So I was excited to see a new jelly soap from The Soap Story. I haven't tried it yet but I'll try to remember to update you on whether it's any good or not. Picked up this storage shelf on Amazon (sold by Ikea) for under my kitchen sink, as storage is minimal.

What have you been buying lately? 

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