Friday, 20 December 2019

5 Reasons Why I Love Christmas!

This time next week, Christmas will be behind us and we'll all be gearing up to bring in the New Year. That's kind of depressing, isn't it? There's such a big lead-up to Christmas, and it's over so quickly. Nevertheless, I adore Christmas. And here's why.

1. All the pretty lights. Don't the lights on the high street make the town look so much prettier?

2. Decorations galore. Whether it's the tree decked out in pretty tinsel and lots of shiny baubles, or nativity scenes set out for all to see. The houses look so lovely when they're decorated for Christmas. 

3. Christmas shopping. Okay, the crowds can be a bitch. But I adore braving the crowds and trawling through the shops looking for the perfect gift for that friend/family member/loved one.

4. Festive food. All the roast dinners, pigs in blankets, cakes and chocolates. Christmas is the best time of the year when it comes to food. 

5. Gift giving. As I've gotten older it's become less about receiving and more about giving. I love finding the perfect gift for someone, wrapping it with care, then watching the delight on their face when they unwrap it on Christmas Day. Warms my heart!

What do you love most about Christmas?

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