Sunday, 15 December 2019

2019 Goals - Final Check-In!

I wasn't sure whether to publish this now, or wait till the New Year. But the chances of me accomplishing anymore of my 2019 goals in these final few weeks of the year are pretty slim, especially with Christmas right around the corner. So today I'm looking back at my 2019 goals and seeing how I got on with them for the final time. Let's begin!

1. Lose one stone. It's slightly mind-boggling to me that I've finally achieved a health and fitness goal of mine but there it is. In just two months I shed a stone, and now that I've joined a gym and am making even more of an effort I hope to shed a lot more post-Christmas. 

2. Exercise regularly. I had, in my last check-in, changed this goal to "eat healthier." But as that hasn't happened but the exercising regularly has I decided to go back to my original goal for this one. It's kinda cheating, but I don't care, because I'm proud of myself for making the effort, joining the gym and going twice a week. 

3. Read 150 books. Smashed it. In fact, I'm currently on book 171.

4. Stop a bad habit. There are a lot of bad habits I could stop, but I haven't really tackled any of them this year. Maybe next year will be the year.

5. Curb my spending. Lolol. I kind of decided "fuck it." I'll try again with this one in 2020.

1. Redesign my blog. Did this way back earlier this year. Probably due a new design next year now!

2. Meet another blog friend IRL. She may not be a blogger herself, but we kinda met through blogging so I'm counting this one. 

3. Reach 3k on Twitter. Close, but no cigar.

4. Reach 250 followers on Bloglovin'. By the skin of my teeth. At the time of writing this post I literally have just 250 followers. But considering how little effort I put into BL, I'm chuffed I managed to achieve this goal at all.

5. Reach 2k on Instagram. No way, no how. Instagram really has been a bitch this year.

6. Reach 200 likes on Facebook. Not even close. 

7. Work with 10 new to my blog brands/companies. Definitely hit this one. I worked with so many amazing brands/companies this year and I'm grateful to all of them for the opportunities. 

8. Take some time off. I've been doing that regularly this year, including an extended break when I fell out of love with my blog. I'll also be taking a week, maybe two, off over Christmas. 

9. Create new regular content. I've been really enjoying my new "Things I'm Looking Forward To In X" posts.

10. Use IG Stories regularly. I adore IG Stories and I use it way more than I do anything else. Even if I forget to post to Instagram, I'll remember to put something on IG Stories!

Do you know what? I might not have a full house, but I'm pretty damn happy with what I've achieved this year. There's other things I've achieved that are pretty momentous that are not on this list; being discharged from therapy, driving to places I didn't know very well/at all alone, meeting a friend I'd made online in person for the first time. And some of the things I have ticked off this list are pretty huge too; losing weight, exercising regularly. I feel like those two have been goals of mine for years and I'm finally achieving them. 

Next year, I'm going to try to be more realistic with my social media goals and put more work in to them. How can I expect them to grow if I don't put any effort in to promoting them or using them? I'm also going to be more realistic with how much I can grow in one year as a person. Yes, it would be lovely to quit all my bad habits, keep exercising regularly, lose more weight, eat better and stop spending so much money next year. But it's not realistic. I'm going to focus on maybe one or two particular areas I want to improve upon next year and make them the focus of my 2020 goals. Keep an eye out for my 2020 Goals post going live sometime in January.

How did you get on with your 2019 goals?

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