Friday, 1 November 2019

October Reading Wrap-Up

Yikes. I'm six books behind schedule when it comes to my GoodReads Reading Challenge, guys. I really need to get a shift on. I actually didn't read much in October. The dreaded reading OCD reared it's ugly head again, and made me lose my interest in picking up a book. However, I think I'm getting a handle on it again. So hopefully I'll get through a few more in November. Anyway, here's what I read in October!

It took me well over a month, but I finally got through the tome that was Death Note: All-In-One Edition. It wasn't as good as I'd remembered from when I'd first read it, or started reading it, in my teenage years. But I still really enjoyed it, especially all the twists and turns the story took throughout!


This was a humorous read I picked up at a car boot sale. As a cat owner, I can definitely relate to many of the ways cats are told to train their humans in this book. Jumping on sleeping humans in the middle of the night? Yep. Refusing to eat the cheap cat food? Yep. All sounds very, very familiar. 


I found a really nice copy of The Night Before Christmas in Home Bargains, of all places. I thought I'd pick it up for future kids, as it's a classic. But first, I read it for myself. It's a story that just inspires Christmas cheer really, isn't it?


Matilda was my favourite book, and film, growing up. I felt just like Matilda as a child, as I read to escape. I would often stare at objects for hours, willing them to move. So convinced was I that I was Matilda. Alas, I was not. Anyway, I couldn't resist this Matilda book with lots of fun activities and recaps of the original Matilda.


Another car boot buy. I used to read and love Horrible Histories when I was younger. So I decided to read one as an adult, for nostalgia purposes. All I can say is, I can't see what I ever saw in these books! Although I did enjoy some of the facts/information in the book, most of it I found too silly or gross for adult Aimee. 


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