Monday, 11 November 2019

Lush Christmas Haul!

Every time I think I'm making a dent in my Lush collection, Lush release a new collection and I'm right there, placing an order. Which is exactly what happened when they dropped their Christmas collection. However, I was quite restrained as my lovely husband had already bought me the Lush Advent Calendar and I didn't want to end up with duplicates. So, here's the few bits I just couldn't resist from the Lush Christmas range. And if you're interested, I'll be sharing what was in the Lush Advent Calendar at the end of December!

I can smell a Lush delivery before I see it. I love to keep the box in our front room for a few days to let the smell linger!

 Yog Nog

I do love a good body conditioner, especially as I'm way too lazy for moisturiser. It's about time they released a new one, although I am still using last year's Snow Fairy Body Conditioner right now.

Snowman Nose

I can't tell you how excited I was to see some new shower bombs included in Lush's Christmas collection! This one is Snowman Nose and includes lashings of bergamot, spearmint, heady jasmine, patchouli oil and a final dash of carrot oil.

Drummers Drumming

I'm a huge fan of Lush's Shower Jellies. They're so much fun. And for someone who used to think she couldn't shop in Lush because she hated baths, it's nice to see them catering more for people like me (although I do now love baths, obvs.)

Polar Bear Nose

Another shower bomb. This one is Polar Bear Nose, although it reminds me of a lump of coal! It includes a refreshing tundra of eucalyptus and Siberian pine oil. A bracing flurry of activated charcoal, Epsom salts and menthol crystals are added to the mix, along with a comforting sandalwood core. 

Silver Bells

Yassss, Lush. Killing it with the shower jellies this year. This one looks so pretty, too, in gorgeous silver and a bell shape.

Snow Fairy

I couldn't resist a few bath bombs, even though I really don't need anymore! I think this one is Snow Fairy. Because if you don't have at least one Snow Fairy product at Christmas, is it even Christmas? And in case you've been living under a rock for the past five years, Snow Fairy creates bubble-gum pink waters and a citrus like scent. But most every Lush fan knows the Snow Fairy scent well by now!

I was very intrigued by these new bath bombs, appropriately named the Amazeball. I opted for the Holly Golightly, because I loved the name and the colour. The idea is to pop the top off and sprinkle the insides into the bath before dropping the remaining bath bomb in. Produces a warming bath with scents of Brazilian orange and cinnamon leaf oil; perfect for those cold winter nights.

Jingle Bells

This is the Jingle Bells bath bomb and it includes soothing rice starch to soften the water and your skin, while coarse blue salt crystals erupt from its shell. And you can add to that a powerful blend of Brazilian orange oil and patchouli oil, too!

Not So Secret Santa

I couldn't resist this cute little bath bomb. It's teeny-tiny. But adorable. And it's called Not So Secret Santa. It's a sweet, citrus bath bomb with a tangy, lemon curd scent and a colourful surprise in store!

Did you pick up anything from the Lush Christmas range?

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