Friday, 22 November 2019

Haul Post!

It's time again. Time for another haul post. And looking at the photos I've edited for this one, it's going to be a bit of a random one. So strap yourselves in and enjoy!

This bowl is such a good idea. No more tipping away dirty dishwater. No more filling up the washing up bowl when all you wanted was to dampen a sponge. Unlocked, the water just flows out of the bowl. Locked, all you have to do to empty is turn the plug and the water simply drains away. Revolutionary! (You know you've reached peak adulthood when you get excited over a washing up bowl.)

Some more fun purchases now from Paperchase, one of my all time favourite stores. I can never resist anything cat themed, unicorn themed or pastel coloured. So that explains all of these purchases succinctly really, doesn't it?

I do love stickers. The problem is, I buy cute stickers then never use them because I can't decide where, or how, I want to use them. I also have a problem with buying more duvet sets than we could ever possibly use. But I loved this set from Asda, and the prices are so reasonable.

New bog brushes. I really do know how to live, eh? I've gone from a 2 magazine a month girl (Glamour and Cosmopolitan, till Glamour ceased to exist as a monthly mag) to a 5-6 magazine a month girl. It's an expensive habit, but I also think that a lot of the magazines I buy are helpful to my mental health. That's my excuse anyway, and I'm sticking to it.

Okay, these magazines aren't particularly helpful to my mental health. But I do find them fascinating. I went to Next a few months back with my friend, for coffee and a catch-up, and I couldn't resist these stackable cat mugs. These are our new 'guest' mugs.

Whilst in Next, I also picked up this unicorn mug, because as we've already established I can't resist anything cat or unicorn themed, and this cat utensil pot. I was getting sick of trying to see through all the smears on my laptop screen, so I ordered some screen cleaner from Amazon. This stuff is fab, it's all natural and comes with a microfiber cloth.

What have you been buying recently? 

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