Monday, 4 November 2019

A Very British Halloween || Guest Post

I adore the month of Halloween. I don't care what anyone else says, Halloween season is all of October and it is my favourite time of year. Some people love Christmas, for me, I like watching scary films, making themed playlists and telling all of the scary stories in order to creep myself out as much as possible.

The thing about celebrating in this "scare fest" manner is that I have become very knowledgeable about horror movie tropes and pretty much have an escape plan for every type of horror film know, like crazy murderers, zombie uprisings, vampires attacking...and the best part is that I am not as alone as I thought.

In fact, a recent survey revealed that 55 percent of us Brits have a solid plan in place made up of great choices if the dead emerged from their graves. (Doesn't everyone? ...asking for a friend...)

And, fortunately, 56 percent of British adults polled said they believed they could survive a zombie apocalypse, with 15 percent of us regularly discussing it with mates down the pub. I happen to be one of those people and I am not ashamed to admit that I have a "zombie apocalypse team" where we all have roles. That's completely normal, right?

Over a third (35 percent) felt they would be smarter than the average zombie and four in ten said they could a zombie because they had a keen survival instinct, based on making good decisions. In fact, according to the study, three quarters of Brits claim they wouldn't make mistakes like the characters of horror movies, with 23 percent saying they would NEVER investigate an unexplained bump in the night, and 32 percent wouldn't run away from an assailant into dense woodland. Which makes perfect sense, I cannot begin to tell you the amount of times that I have screamed at the TV screen when one of the characters decided to do something stupid. Such as "I'll be right back." NO, YOU WON'T, SUSAN.

The complete list is below: 


  1. Run into the woods and not stay on the road                        32 percent
  2. Run and hide somewhere you'll be trapped                          32 percent
  3. Get split from the group after someone has been murdered 31 percent
  4. Not look behind you                                                               31 percent
  5. Trip and don't get up immediately                                          31 percent
  6. Run out of petrol on a deserted highway                               31 percent
  7. Make a noise near the zombie                                              30 percent
  8. Drop the car keys                                                                  28 percent
  9. Not having my phone on silent                                              27 percent
  10. Fail to charge your phone                                                      26 percent
  11. Get in a cupboard or wardrobe                                              25 percent
  12. Not have a charged phone                                                    25 percent
  13. Don't call the police                                                               24 percent
  14. Investigate a bump in the night                                             23 percent
Have they missed anything out or do you agree? Another tit bit from the survey that I loved was that 80 percent of the 1500 Brits polled would like to be the hero, while a more contrary 20 percent would love to play the villain. I don't know about you but I think the horror movie villains have more fun. 

Zombies, mummies and crazed family members were said to be the easiest people to defeat in horror movies...what do you think? I kinda agree, but it depends on what horror film you are in.

The survey was performed by giffgaff - who blooming love Halloween, they have even got a snazzy little Halloween Hub on their site, complete with a retro Halloween costume generator. Turns out when I was born, everyone was dressed as Ghostbusters - am I showing my age here? Hours of Halloween fun, right there. 

So what about you, do you have a survival plan for any horror situation? Do your friends and family? If so, let us know below, or continue the conversation on our social channels as I think if we team we may just survive - Happy Halloween everyone!

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