Sunday, 13 October 2019

Organising My Life With The 2019-2020 Agenda

I'm a huge fan of the agendas. I've had one for the last two years, I think. And the one year I stepped away from to try other agendas/planners/diaries and the like, I massively regretted my decision. So, of course, as soon as the 2019-2020 Agendas were released I snapped one up! Today I thought I'd share with you some snaps from inside my new Agenda and talk about some of the new features and why I love it!

I was a little disappointed at the lack of designs on offer this year. Last year, I think, put out a whole lot of different designs. There were almost too many to choose from. But this year, there were only a handful. And I didn't like most of them. Luckily, I rather liked this one with it's motivational slogan on the front cover!

The one thing I love most about the agendas is all the stickers they include. And this year they really pushed the boat out with not one, not two, but THREE pages of stickers! I cannot wait to decorate my agenda with all of these. 

This year, have also included a goals page. Which I love. I am all about the goals setting, so this is going to come in super helpful in helping me plan and stick to my goals each month. They've also included a colouring page, perfect for filling in on long train journeys!

The 3D glasses were a nice touch. These six images at the back of the agenda are all in 3D, and when you pop the 3D glasses on you can see them all in glorious 3D. A fun novelty inclusion!

And finally, the diary pages. Like previous years, there's a prompt for the week at the bottom of every double page spread. And dotted throughout the agenda are compliments to keep you going through the week. "You're more fun than a bounce house full of puppies" is a favourite of mine! There's plenty of space for notes at the start of every month, and the month spread is a handy feature too. 

Are you a planner addict, too?

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