Wednesday, 30 October 2019

October Favourites!

October was a busy month for me, so it was really hard to narrow down my favourites to just six things. But somehow I managed, and here they are. A few of my favourite things from October...

Of course, October means spooky nails. It took me so long to decide on a set, but I managed it. My nail artist did a fantastic job with this set, didn't she? Spooky, pretty and very obviously Halloween themed. I'll be sad to see these go!

The weather's taken a turn for the chillier, right? So I've retreated to a hot bath most evenings. It also helps me deal with the pain in my hand caused by RSI. A long hot soak always helps. And I'm slowly, but surely, working my way through my Lush stash. Hopefully I'll have made a dent in it before I start to open my Lush Advent Calendar!

Some of my favourite purchases this month were some Harry Potter books. Like The Art of Harry of Potter. This cute page of kitties (relating, of course, to Dolores Umbridge) caught my eye straight away. The Harry Potter Paper Scene books are stunning (see the first picture for just one paper scene from one book) and I really would love to find a way to display them better than they are currently. 

This photo I snapped of Harley made me smile. What is it with cats and boxes? Even if it's too small, he has to have a sniff around and try and get in. Luckily, this box was just right and he got straight in and curled up for a snooze.

Made a cheeky purchase from Dorkface earlier this month, and I'm so in love with her Harry Potter themed prints. Isn't her Hogwarts print fantastic? Of course, I immediately went out and bought some nice frames to put them in, then hung them over my Harry Potter bookcase/corner. Don't they look fab there?

One of my favourite TV shows is back on screens! And another of my faves is back on screens next month. It's definitely Winter. Great TV is back. Both the hubby and I enjoy The Apprentice and we sit down together to watch it every week. 

How was your October?

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