Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Life Lately: August & September Edition

For this post to make sense, it's probably easier if I write it in two parts. We'll start with August, then move on to September. So here's my life update for August!

Doing...all the fun things! August was a really full-on month, with lots of time spent with friends and family. We played crazy golf at the new local crazy golf course, went to the cinema to see The Lion King and Horrible Histories, got our nails done, and enjoyed time spent with family. As well as all that, there was the usual work, therapy, and medical appointments. We also celebrated my Mother-in-Law's birthday with a delicious meal out. The month would have been a lot better if I hadn't been dealing with an uncontrollable vaginal bleed, that even clotting drugs wouldn't stop. But hey, at least I had my histeroscopy to look forward to in September (/sarcasm.)! We've been without fish now for a good few years, and decided to add to our family of three with some new fishy friends. We chose a really nice tank for them, lots of lovely ornaments and then picked out some small fish and a handful of snails to add to the tank. I find them super relaxing, and whenever I feel my anxiety rising I just sit in front of the tank for ten minutes and I instantly feel better.
Reading...all the kids books, but especially Goosebumps. I'm really enjoying my trip down memory lane with the Goosebumps books, and I can't help picking up new ones when I've finished the one I'm currently reading. 
Watching...lots of films. I don't often go to the cinema, because it's far too expensive in my opinion. But our local cinema/theatre has recently had some of the latest films, and is a lot cheaper than the big name cinemas. So I went with my friend and her kids to see The Lion King and Horrible Histories. Both were fab. And I won't lie, I cried a little when Simba's dad died, even though I knew it was coming. 
Spending...lots of time outside in the sun. I've been really enjoying getting all the Vitamin D I can while the weather stays this way. I know it won't be around for much longer. 
Planning birthday, and our wedding anniversary, next month. It's going to be a lovely month!

And now, onto September...

Doing...a lot of worrying. The first week of September saw me in the hospital having a surgical procedure. And I was very, very nervous for it. It wasn't as bad as I imagined, but it was still pretty horrendous. However, the results were worth it as I now know there's nothing physically wrong with me down there and it's all hormonal. Some positives of September, though, were a birthday meal with family, a BBQ with friends, two weeks off work, and a night in Bath seeing Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone In Concert with my granddad. 
Buying...all the Lush Christmas products. Well, maybe not all. But I did make a cheeky purchase when they dropped their Christmas range. I was quite reserved though, because my husband has bought me the Lush Advent Calendar (my early Christmas present). I'll share a haul post soon!
Reading...a tome of a book; Death Note: All-in-One Edition. It's taking me AGES to get through it but I'm 80% of the way through now and it's all coming together to reach a shocking conclusion. I read, or started reading, Death Note when I was in school, so a long time ago now, but I can't remember the ending, if I even finished it. So I'm excited to make it all the way through.
Watching...Buzzfeed Unsolved. Yas, the ghoul boys are back. I love the supernatural episodes the most, especially Shane's scepticism.
Spending...all my money on the new iPhone 11. That's right, I've switched back to the Apple side. And I'm so happy with my new phone. I put my birthday money towards it, and sold my old phone to make up the difference. I definitely made the right choice. 
Looking forward to...Halloween. Spooky Season is upon us and I'm so excited. Halloween is my favourite time of the year. I love to decorate, to dress up, to watch all the scary movies and read all the scary books. It's Spooky Season, bitches. 

Halloween shopping!

Lush baths!

Fun times at crazy golf!

New fishy friends!

My cat is such a poser!

My friend's dog being a derp!

What did you get up to in September? 

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