Friday, 25 October 2019

Family Friendly Halloween Films

Last week, I shared some of my favourite scary movies. But I quickly realised none of those were very family friendly. Those of you with little ones might be looking for a PG film to watch once you're trick or treated out. So here are my recommendations.

An oldie but a goodie. You just can't go wrong with Casper the friendly ghost. Harmless fun and a little bit spooky, this is the perfect treat for your little one's on All Hallows Eve.

I adore this film, and it's the perfect treat for all ages. Eddie Murphy is a riot, and the whole film is comedy genius from start to finish with just the right amount of spooky to make it a classic Halloween film.

The Goosebumps films just go from strength to strength. I was a little sceptical that Haunted Halloween could live up to the original Goosebumps film, but I needn't have worried. Both these films are a spooky, comedic joy to watch for all the family. 

Another classic, there's a fair few Addams Family films to choose from. You could even make a night of it and watch the lot. The Addams Family has been remade into an animated movie recently and is due out any day now so maybe a cinema trip with the little one's is in order.

Is it a Christmas film or a Halloween film? No one really knows. But does it really matter? It's most definitely a spooky film, one of the spookiest on this list, but still family friendly. 

What are some of your favourite family friendly Halloween films?

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