Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Birthday Haul Post!

I always preface these posts with an explanation as to why I share them and a request that they not be taken as boastful. But why should I? This is my blog. Where I can share what I like. And if it's not to your taste; so what? So if you want to find out what I got for my birthday this year, read on. And if you don't, skip this post and come back on Friday for something new!

I asked for the Harry Potter 8-Film Collection as, despite being a huge Harry Potter fan, I didn't own a single one of the Harry Potter films! Well, in my opinion, the books are better. But I do enjoy the films too and it's nice to have the option to watch them whenever. So my mum got me the film collection. And as a joint wedding anniversary/birthday present, she put together a personalised mug with lots of family photos from our wedding day. The mug even came with an English Breakfast Tea teabag, which I'll certainly enjoy.

These were all presents from friends who know me so, so well! I was totally overwhelmed to be honest. My best friend showed up at my door on my birthday evening, laden down with presents she'd been collecting all day to bring to me. It was so lovely. I think it's safe to say unicorns featured heavily in my birthday presents this year, right?

Our cat always buys me a small birthday present. Well, I am his mummy after all! This year, he got me the new Stephen King book, The Institute, which he knew I had my eye on. It wouldn't be my birthday without at least one book. 

The boy done good. I did ask for this, but I didn't know if I would receive it as a) it sold out so quickly upon release and b) it was rather expensive. But I woke up on my birthday morning to the Lego Friends set, a gift from my hubby. We spent one rainy Sunday a few weeks later putting it together, and the final result is now on the top of my bookshelf in the living room; proudly on display!

My auntie and cousins got me this beautiful smelling talcum powder and a gorgeous new top from Marks and Spencer. Which I forgot to get a photo of!

My grandparents got me tickets to see Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone In Concert at The Forum in Bath. I went with my granddad, and I bought his ticket for his birthday. Harry Potter has always been something my granddad and I shared. He would always buy me the books on release. He got advance tickets to the first film. We watched the films together. So it was exciting to attend this event together. It was a fantastic evening; a live orchestra playing the soundtrack alongside the film as it played out on a projector.

The rest of my family gave me money for my birthday, and I decided to put that money towards a new phone. I've been lusting after an iPhone for a while and the iPhone 11 was released the week after my birthday. So I upgraded my contract and put my birthday money towards the upfront cost of the phone. No regrets!

Do you like to see what people got for their birthday? 

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