Wednesday, 25 September 2019

A Plant's Best Friend* (+ GIVEAWAY) || With PlantPal

Let me level with you, I'm not very good at keeping house plants alive. I tend to forget the crucial ingredient every plant needs to live; water. It's only when they start to droop and wilt that I finally remember. And often, by then, it's too late. 

That being said, I adore house plants. They brighten up any room and just think of all that extra oxygen they're pumping out. That's how plants work, right? Biology was never my strongest subject. Anyway. 

When PlantPal* landed on my doorstep, I was most excited by the Pack of 3 PlantPal Watering Globes. I hoped they would solve my problem of never remembering to water these damn plants. And it's no exaggeration to say that PlantPal have revolutionised my life. All I have to remember now is to check the globes every now and then and refill as needed.

So how do the Watering Globes work? Simply put, you fill the globe with water, stick it in the soil of any indoor plant and leave it to water your plants for you. The PlantPal Watering Globe protects houseplants from over watering (never an issue in my house) by allowing plants to take exactly what they want when they need it. The globes will take care of your indoor and outdoor potted plants for up to 2 weeks and are perfect for if you're going away on holiday. 

Besides the PlantPal Watering Globes, I also received the PlantPal which converts any plant pot to a self watering pot. This isn't something I would use, as you need to install the PlantPal before adding compost and flowers. And I'm not a keen gardener. Houseplants are the extent of my horticultural experience. But I can see the benefit of this product. 

Once installed in any plant pot, the PlantPal can be topped up via the opening at the top which remains above the soil. And you can rely on the PlantPal to keep your plants watered for up to 2 weeks, giving you peace of mind when you're away on holiday.

I love the bright colours of the PlantPal Watering Globes. Although they're bulky, they don't look out of place in any plant pot. And they are an absolute godsend for those who, like me, are not green-fingered at all. I already know I'll be purchasing another few for the remainder of my house plants.

If you want to buy your own PlantPal Watering Globes, PlantPal or other PlantPal products, please visit their website. Many of the PlantPal products are available on Amazon with free next day delivery for Amazon Prime members! 

PlantPal are offering one of my readers the chance to win their very own PlantPal products! Fancy your chances? You can enter easily using the widget below. The winner will be contacted directly by the company once the competition has ended (on 16th October). Good luck!

Plantpal Giveaway #14

Do you have an indoor jungle?

*This product was sent to me in exchange for a review. All words and opinions are my own.

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