Monday, 1 July 2019

Seeking to De-Stress Your Life? Start by Taking Care of Your Living Space || Guest Post

Stress is all around us, and if your living space is a mess, no wonder you can’t get anything done. A cluttered living area equals a cluttered mind, which means you need to start putting your home in order if you want to de-stress your life. It doesn’t take much for one to organize their life and home, but all you need to do is follow a few steps that will lead you straight to a stress-free life and a peaceful home environment.

Remove the clutter

Nothing can keep you away from achieving your goals than messy surroundings. That's why you should start by de-cluttering your home. Everything that's been laying around the drawers, on your desk, shelves, or coffee table, and creating nothing but a messy area, should be thrown away or donated. Your desk should be a well-organized area where you can work without various knickknacks distracting you and preventing you from being inspired. Old magazines from last year or even before that have nothing to do on the bottom shelf of your coffee table but should be in the trash. Don't pile things up just because you think you may use it sometime because chances are you won’t ever use them again (not even once).

Move furniture around

We all need a change from time to time and what better way to refresh your home than to move the furniture around. Rotate your sofa and armchairs in the bedroom, invest in a new nightstand for your bedroom and get some new lighting fixtures for the hallway. If you don't like your current furniture, think about changing the upholstery or invest in a completely new set for your living room or dining room. By moving everything around you can also create a special nook for you to read, meditate or relax whenever you need some me time. Having a specific spot in your home where you'll be able to unplug and just be alone with your thoughts will help you de-stress in the right way.

Bring in natural elements

Have you ever thought about enriching your home with more plants? How about a fountain or more wooden objects? The closer you are to nature the more at ease you’ll be, so consider putting a flower pot in every corner of your room, and water the plants regularly to let the positive calming energy flow through your house. Bring a little bit of nature inside and aside from creating a Zen-like ambience you’ll also improve your decor. A small portable fountain in the hallway or in the corner of the living room will improve calmness and help you feel more at ease when you are tense. A flowing sound of water promotes relaxation and will soothe your senses so feel free to invest in a small fountain and bring yourself closer to nature.

Let the sunshine in

Once you’ve made room for you to breathe and move around your home more easily, it’s time you let the daylight inside as well. The more sunlight your home gets the more energized you’ll feel and your mood will instantly improve. Dark rooms appear smaller and confined which can lower your mood, so consider putting a see-through curtain and light-coloured drapes to open up space visually. If the sun during the warm summer months is too much, feel free to dress up your windows with Marlow & Finch shutters and block the sun for a few hours until it’s less warm outside. Innovative shutters will also allow you to create more privacy if needed, while still making your home look modern and up to date.

Play background music

Music is known to lower stress levels, so make sure you play calming tunes in the background regardless of what you’re doing. Classical music is especially calming so if you need a peaceful environment a little bit of Mozart or Beethoven in the background can only make you feel more at ease and create a soothing oasis of haven in your home. Start by playing calming tunes while getting ready In the morning, and even listen to it during commute and when you’re back home. Let it lurk from everywhere.

Final thoughts

You can easily create a stress-free ambience in your home if you only put some thought into it. Feel free to follow the aforementioned suggestions and you'll have a tidy, calming home to enjoy it.

How have you made a mark on your living space? 

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