Wednesday, 24 July 2019

May-June Book Haul (Part 4)

Well, we've finally made it. This will be the last book haul post for May/June! It was a pretty epic few months for book buying, but the length of these posts was not helped by the fact I kept forgetting to get group photos. I'm going to be working harder on this going forwards. If you want to see individual photos of the books, along with the blurb for each one, check out my IG Stories Highlight: Haul. Without further delay, please enjoy the final instalment of my May-June Book Haul. 


A lot of these books I picked up at the car boot. My friend, who I did the car boot with, was selling them but they didn't sell. So I had them! Also picked up some of my childhood faves from Amazon: Can't You Sleep, Little Bear? and Five Minutes' Peace. A few of the books pictured were given to me by my grandmother, who gave me a huge bag of books to sell, most of which I'd already read. And the rest I bought because, well, I like buying books. So sue me!

Do you remember any of these children's books from your childhood? 

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